Keeping Warm on the School Run #BringOnTheCold

It’s December. It’s pretty cold, and three days a week I have to be up and out of the house by 8.30 for the preschool/childminder run, and once a week by 6.15am to walk to work! Let me tell those who are fortunate enough to not have to be not only up and dressed but walking along a cold and windy, dark seafront at that godforsaken time of day, it is miserable. So I need to wrap up warm and toasty, and Millets offered to send me a down filled jacket; so I could bring on the cold!

I chose the Berghaus┬áScafell Hydrodown Fusion Jacket, and when it arrived I had no idea what could be in the bag as it was so light. Not only is it lighter than a fluffy cloud it folds or rolls up really small to, so I can easily stuff it in a bag if I need to. I’ve been wearing it on sunny but chilly school runs, frosty darl early morning walks to work and everything in between.


So it’s not going to win any style awards, but for a really warm winter coat it doesn’t look half bad! The diagonal stitching has a slimmig effect I think, and it’s not so padded that I look three sizes bigger than I am! It zips right up to your chin to keep your neck toasty and the sleeves are cut generously enough that you can still wear it with a thick jumper if you need to. There is nothing worse than trying to put a coat on over a jumper and having the sleeves all screw up round your upper arm!

img-20161110-wa0017 img-20161120-wa0009

Two spacious pockets zip up securely, I can fit my keys and phone in one and my purse and a packet of tissues (a winter essential with toddlers!) in the other. Millet stock it in grey, navy and burgundy too, along with a range of other Womens jackets. I am certain that this will do me at least another winter if not more, as when I wore it out for a walk with friends we noticed we were both wearing Berghaus jackets and he said he’s had his since college, which was over 14 years ago! So if this one lasts half as long I’ll be a happy (and warm!) bunny!


So now frosty morning walks to preschool are much more bearable, even when Athena stops to look at every berry in the bushes and stomp in every pile of leaves on the ground!


This jacket was sent for me to include in this post, all words and opinions are my own.


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  1. I think it looks really good for such a warm coat – very fitted and not bulky. Everyone needs something like that! My winter coat is about 8 years old so I need to start looking for a new one!

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