My ‘If money was no object’ Wishlist

money no object wishlist


How many times so far has someone asked you what you want for Christmas? I’ve been asked a fair few times this year, although thankfully as I get older it’s getting less as people focus on the kids, which is fine by me! But sometimes I like to have a little daydream, and have a mental list of ‘if money was no object’ gifts. Instead of asking for vouchers so I can can pick things up throughout the year as I need them, these are the things that would be on my list…
A Chloe Cocoon coat. I just love the classic style and the way it hangs, and grey is one of my favourite coat colours too! There are two handbags on my radar too, one for evenings and for daytime useage. The Balenciaga City bag is just gorgeous, I may have stroked it a few times in Harvey Nicholls before now! It’s the right size for all my bits and bobs (minus the kids crap that I cart about, I wouldn’t dare put anything grubby in it!) and I love the hardware and the slouchy design. For evenings the YSL fringed bag would be perfect, as I can’t stand clutch bags, I’d be paranoid I’d forget it somewhere and I like to have more than just a purse and phone with me too! The fringing on this bag is just perfect, I’ve always loved anything with a fringe or tassels!
The Valentino Rockstud boots are the stuff of dreams, I love a biker boot and these are top of the list, hands down! But I’d probably not be wanting to wear them in the summer so  pair of black flats with nude detailing and studs wouldn’t go amiss either!
There’s probably some jewellery on everyones wishlist, and at the moment  I am all about the rose gold, I love the tiny diamond Tiffany studs, and as I have three sets of holes I thought I might as well dream about a set for each hole! Though I probably wouldn’t wear them all at once! I’ve also had a hankering for a luxury watch for a few years now, the sort of watch that would last a lifetime. They are super expensive new though so something like a second hand Omega watch would suit me nicely, let’s call it vintage!
Finally a bit of tech, most people would probably be after an ipad air or similar but I just don’t get on with apple products, and I think you can get more for your money with other brands. I’d love a  Surface Pro as carting my 17″ laptop out and about is a bit of a nightmare, this would be so easy to slip into a (Balenciaga!) bag and the keyboard would make it just as easy to use as a regular laptop, but with the option to use it as a tablet too. Lastly I’d love a more portable camera, I have a DSLR but sometimes with two kids it can be a bit of a nightmare to carry about, so something that would fit in my pocket but still take amazing photos and videos like a Canon Powershot GX7 would be a very welcome gift!
What’s on your ‘if money was no object’ list?
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