Bristol in Pictures

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DSC06973  DSC07049
DSC07066  DSC07014
DSC07085  DSC07087
IMG_2218 IMG_2219
IMG_2304           IMG_2308        IMG_2314


A bit of a filler post, I admit. These are a select few of my pictures from Bristol, where I spent a couple of days a good few weeks back!
I’ve been too tired after work this week to even think about getting the pictures off my camera for the last outfit I took pictures of, and as for actually thinking about typing up a post with ACTUAL content that I thought about, no chance! to give you an example every night has consisted of at least a 3 hour nap, as well as a proper nights sleep (mainly broken but hey) and a big old IBS flare up. Oh and mouth ulcers that today got to the ‘I’d rather just shut my trap than talk and make it hurt’ status. I’m typing this Friday to attempt to schedule for Saturday morning, as I am working at 7am Saturday. Joyous.

I hope you are all a lot healthier than I!

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