In which I get wrapped up

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Dress: Zara. Shoes: Barratts perhaps? Sunglasses: Dotty Ps.

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I tend not to buy wrap dresses because I have no boobs, so they gape tellingly at the chest area. I had to put a lacy top on underneath this for fear of too much (non existent) cleavage at work. Its a nice dress tho and was in the sale, I like the fact it has sleeves too! Good for A/C at work, I can never get the blasted thing to be the exactly right, and would rather verge on too cold and cover up than too hot!

Taking these was a complete fail, Sam clearly had something better to do than watch me pose on the roof, and I was mucking about with the washing line, hence the ridic poses below and the fact that non of my facial expressions are normal. at all.

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If you are reading this on Tuesday then I am driving too or in Liverpool! Hurrah! we’re having a night/day there and then going on to my dads in the Lake district till the weekend, then off to Scotland for my friend Yasmins wedding (which is going to be AMAZING, more like a festival in fact!) then back to my dads for a day to recover before driving all the way back down the country.

Guess who’ll be doing all the driving? ME. Sam can drive (and park better than me!) but doesn’t have a license because he never bothered to take a test, and because its motorways he cant drive with me as a passenger! Plus I hired a swish hire car because there is no way I am doing that trip anything with no AC!! Its about a thousand miles round trip, not including the day trips to the lakes and whatnot. Good thing I like driving, and my speeding points come off my license this year too! (overtook an undercover police car at 92 mph :/ whoopsie)


Anyway i’m still in dire need of a packed suitcase (writing this Monday night) so I am going to get that done then have a bath and try to relax. Work has been more of a stress fest than normal recently so I was in dire need of a holiday! I’ve been suffering immensely with my IBS over the last week, and feeling SO tired, literally sleeping when I am not at work, so I think i’m going to go private an attempt to get to the bottom of my various ailments and have a full MOT, not sure why I haven’t done it as I have private healthcare with work and the NHS thus far have failed me.

Cant promise any posts other than a scheduled one in a few days (and that’s if I can stay awake long enough to do it now!) and I have been so awful with reading your blogs that I am tempted to click ‘mark all as read’ as the unread posts are teetering towards the 400 mark. Need a whittle down really!

See you all in a week! I’ll still be tweeting and instagramming whilst I am away in sporadic bursts I expect (both are belledubrighton)

Ciao for now!

9 thoughts on “In which I get wrapped up

  1. hope you have a great getaway Lauren, come back relaxed and refreshed. I love this dress on you, you look fabulous! I too am frequently wearing an extra top to avoid showing excess non-existent cleavage, haha! Wraps freak me out a little as they can kind of unwrap by themselves.
    Have a good break hun x

  2. The wrap dress looks great. I’m the opposite – I don’t wear them because I have boobs and I feel way too exposed if I do. Good luck with the drive and enjoy the wedding. X

  3. The dress look great on you, it’s not something I’d normally pick up because it’s one of those things I’d steer clear from in a shop but now seeing it on a real life model I’d be tempted haha (: Have a great time in the Lakes and Scotland!xx

  4. I was about to say that you looked like such a lady of leisure, till i scrolled down to the last photos.. AND NOW I REALISE THAT YOU’RE MY KINDA GAL.XX

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