In which I do a Marilyn


                                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

T shirt: H&M. Skirt: Primark. FlipFlops: River Island.

This is Sundays outfit. It was actually WAY too windy for a flappy skirt like this, the good people of Brighton saw more of my pants than they wanted to i’m sure. Sam called it ‘doing a marilyn’.


I pull the best faces.

     _7296863  _7296837

This is my new go to hair do, It adds three inches to my height. When half dry stick it in a ponytail, then literally shove grips in it till it stays put. add a flower to make it look like you actually wanted it to look like this. sleep in it, it looks better the next day (ish, decide for yourself). when you take it out it looks like this:

Nicht sehr gut, ja? Anyway it was a fucker to comb out so I didnt bother, just soaked it in conditioner in the bath and hoped for the best! But then we all know I don’t take good care of my hair! I think I will dye it all back to its regular glorious shad of boring brown for le wedding. Don’t wanna look back at my pictures when I am 60 and go, “sam, tell me, why did I think it was a good idea to have two toned hair for over two years dear?”

Tonight is monthly curry back in the town near where I grew up with lots of old friends, yummy yummy but after that I am back on the eating healthily kick for SURE.

If you didn’t already see it, you can me being a tit on video at the beach here.

5 thoughts on “In which I do a Marilyn

  1. I did a Marilyn in front of our government building. The exact time where all the tourists had gathered because there was a guards change. I also screamed. I’m sure it was caught on camera.
    In other news, your hair looks great. If I try something similar with mine, it’ll stay up after I take the grips out.
    Happy weekend 😀

    p.s.outfit is great as always
    p.p.s. I’ve never tried curry. I now want to. *sigh*

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