Bucket List Update – Half way through the year!

Half the year has disappeared already, how did that happen? We’ve added a few more ticks to our bucket list in the three months since my last update so I wanted to write a little post about how we’re getting on!

The ticks we’ve added since March are:

Visit Washbrooks Farm, Go on a family holiday, Daddy Daughter cinema date, Take Arlo to see planes (though Sam actually took both kids to both these things – they saw the new Minions film and then went for lunch at Shoreham Airport to watch the smaller plans land and take off.

I had another solo break (at Riverside Cottage)  We’ve also visited a couple of Castles, Winchester (which is in ruins but still counts!) and Caerphilly Castle in Wales.  We’ve also added another live theatre show to the list, we saw The first Hippo on the Moon . My mum and I also took the kids to the Natural History Museum in June after we went to the Fireman Sam movie premier.

There are a still lots more items to tick off, and a few I fear we will have missed the boat on for this year but hey ho, you can’t win them all!

I’d love to know if you’ve got a ‘to do’ list for the year?


9 thoughts on “Bucket List Update – Half way through the year!

  1. What a brilliant idea, to make a to do list for the year. I should make myself one as well, to make sure I don’t miss things out. I did however do this year a few things I wished to, put I never put them down on paper.

  2. I love this style of post,
    I’ve looked back on a post I did thats similar… I haven’t done nearly enough of it, time I get my bootie into gear!

    Congrats on being so far ahead x

  3. I love the way ypuve ticked things off with the picture. You’ve managed to do so much all ready and I can’t believe how quick the year has gone so far x

  4. Wow! Love that list! Science museum is a good place to take kids to! I love the bubble show and it has many other things to offer. I really want to see if you become successful in going sugar free for a month :), will
    Keep an eye on the list to see how you progress

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