What the Kids Read: Everybody Farts & Superheroes

There are a few books in rotation this month in our house, a few the kids like to read together and a few personal favourites from both kids. They’ve both got more interested in books, and instead of a pre-bedtime session with a few books, we often read them after breakfast or at points during the day, which is lovely!

what the kids read

First up is ‘Almost Everybody Farts‘ which is a book about farting, funnily enough! It’s a simple book to read so will be good when Athena starts to recognise more words, and the repetition of the word ‘fart’ will help build her confidence as she continually recognises it, even though I’m not sure her teacher will appreciate her spelling or writing the word! The illustrations are fun, and the little story line about mums not farting is fun!

Arlo has rediscovered the ‘That’s not my…‘ books and has been bringing one or two over to me at random times of the day to read with him, and his starting to memorise the various reasons why the train or the lamb are not his! We only have a handful and I’ve seen a few at boot sales recently but not bought them as I thought he would be growing out of them but maybe I’m wrong!

One we’ve been reading together is A lovely volume of Nursery Stories by Shirley Hughes. It was one of Athena’s birthday gifts and although Arlo sometimes loses interest half way through it if I catch him in a sleepy enough mood he’ll sit and listen to a whole story, though Athena is quite happy to listen to two or even three at a time! Including Shirley Hughes trademark illustrations to accompany each story, it’s a lovely book that reminds me of my own childhood!

what the kids read

Another joint book that both little ones love is Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, which we discovered after seeing it on CBeebies bedtime stories being read by Captain America (well, Chris Evans who plays him) It’s a lovely story about Superheroes having bit of a tough time with bad days but touches on feelings, so is a great book to start a conversation with Athena about emotions as she approaches starting school in Septemeber! The fun illustrations help too, and Arlo loves to point out different characters as we flick through the pages.


What are your kids reading at the moment?

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