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In which I paint my nails #7

Another round up of recent nails, well, colours of!   OPI – Catherine the grape, and left with rainbow connection over the top 17 red   2 tone blue and a random grey stripe     poundland bargains! with a holo glitter (essence) over the top Emily does olympic nails! Lincoln park after dark, matte formula, and unusually stumpy nails.…

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In which I think about fashion part 5

[part 1 & part 2 & part 3 & part 4]  21. Something that you only wear around the house This is what I look like about 3.5 minutes after entering the house after work. Scuse the funny face 22. Something you only wear in the summer. Denim shorts, from Gap. This is as ‘jean’ as I get. A Summer…

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In which I borrow a Camper Van

(for the purpose of taking pictures in front of) Jumper&Scarf – Primark, Skirt – Peacocks       The Skirt is actually a bit bluer in reality, & this is my new favourite jumper, the only downside is that you cant wear a jacket over it as the rolled up sleeves get all caught up near your armpits. Sam wanted to…

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