Interiors: Bespoke & Unusual Wall Murals

This is a collaborative post written by me, in partnership with a brand/company.

Redecorating  is not a task undertaken easily, but I think a lot of us have an idea about what each room in the home could look like next.  Furniture, flooring and wallpaper are all huge elements in how a room comes together  and  Wallsauce   has a great way to  update a room in a unique and easy way!

Firstly  they make each mural to measure – which means you’re not left with  over half a roll  of wallpaper left like when you purchase traditionally, but more importantly you can   choose exactly  where the elements of the design will be placed on the wall. This is  really useful as  you can plan out where your furniture will be compared to the main feature, so it won’t be hidden behind a sofa for example.

You can  move the cursor around to highlight the area of the image you want, and check the boxes to  flip the image, and to see where the panels will be when  the mural is delivered – so you’ll know how many panels you’ll need to  attach to the wall!

wallsauce ordering a mural

There is such a huge selection available on the Wallsauce website too,  I was really impressed! Designs to suit kids rooms, play rooms, offices,  even  a range to suit  workplaces too.  You can upload your own image to create a  bespoke wall mural – which would be amazing for  local businesses to display local scenes, or for travel agents to  show of amazing destinations on the walls to encourage customers to book exotic holidays! It would also be a really lovely way to always have a favourite  photo displayed at home, for example.

Wallsauce has a lot of really helpful instructions  and advice, as the  prospect of getting something wrong could have dire consequences!  But having read through the  instructions and FAQ’s I think most people would be confident in the order process.  There is also a   super handy live chat feature so you can chat to someone to get any questions answered before ordering.  There are three types of mural material to choose from including premium, which is a thicker material that is ideal for  heavy traffic areas and  textured which  is a self adhesive  material so no wallpaper paste needed for that.  Once purchased it’s just a case of waiting (3-5 days on average) for the  mural to arrive and then you can get fitting!

I’ve been browsing the site and there are some absolutely amazing designs,   and have especially been loving the  mystical  magical moon  wallpaper selection. I think these would be perfect in a bedroom  .

What sort of theme or design would you go for, and which room do you think it would work best in?

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