Wanderlust: Visiting Thailand

I fell in love with the descriptions of Thailand in the book ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland, and then of course the film starring Leonardo diCaprio. The beautiful beaches, the calm sea, the mountains and the lush greenery. I’ve wanted to visit ever since. although I know finding a secret community far away from everyone else is probably a long shot! Flights are also not the cheapest either, so I’d really want to make the most of it and travel around the country whilst we’re there. In an ideal world we would keep the cost down and a) not take the kids and b) stay in some hotels to make it cheaper but it would make the trip so much better if money were no object and we could take the kids and experience some amazing places with a nice villa to return to at the end of the day! Clickstay even have villas that have enough room for 14, how amazing would it be to share it with friends?

I’d love to visit Bangkok, even just for a day or two. I have friends who have been and said it really is as crazy and hectic as you’d expect! Floating Markets, amazing food and so much culture. I don’t think two kids would enjoy staying on the Kaoh San Road very much (or maybe they would but there are probably a lot of things I’d not want them to experience just yet!)  so somewhere a little further out of the city with space to breath would be perfect! I’d want to visit the river, the Children’s Discovery Museum and the Ancient City (which isn’t actually a city, it’s the worlds largest open air museum) but whatever we do I think Bangkok will be a bit overwhelming for sure so we wouldn’t stay there for more than a couple of days!

Next up would be a trip to Ko Samui, the west of the island specifically as it’s less touristy and less full-moon-party and more traditional. Still with stretches of golden sandy beaches and places to relax and let the kids splash in the sea of course. We’d love to hire a boat too and do some sailing around the coast of the island.

After a chill out on the Island we’d head back to the mainland to Krabi. There’s the Tiger Cave Temple, at the top of a mountain, a trek that’s a sure fire way to tire the kids out! There is also an outdoor aquarium close by, as well as kayaking and scuba diving. I’d look after the kids whilst Sam did those watery activities and then he can look after them whilst I have a well deserved spa day! There are some absolutely beautiful villas to rent in Krabi too, traditional style buildings with everything you’d need for a comfortable stay.





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