Stuff on a Sunday & Me & Mine April 2017

I’m cheating a bit this week and putting my Me & Mine photos in with my normal ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ post purely because I can’t be bothered to write two separate posts! I spent the week doing a bit of planning for holidays and days away in the Summer, always exciting! I had by penultimate day at the hotel, my last day there is Wednesday coming and then I am FREE! hurrah! I spent Monday reminiscing a bit about work and our old colleagues as he is visiting the UK from Australia where he lives now, but we met at work years ago! We went to the Sealife Centre with the kids and then strolled to the end of the Pier and back (it as a soft play centre on it now, who knew?) and then enjoyed ice cream and cake! I also had a quick catch up with my lovely friend Skye too!
Sams dad came for a quick visit for a couple of nights, Athena and Arlo loved having him here and he and Sam made a start on building the new bunk beds, but very annoyingly two parts were cracked and the slats hadn’t been delivered at all! So that meant the bunk beds are only half built and Athena is now sleeping on a mattress on the floor with the bunk bed frame sort of acting like a four poster around her! Obviously now they won’t arrive until at least Tuesday because of the Bank Holiday, GAH! I took the kids to choose a new duvet cover each and pick up a single duvet and proper pillow for Arlo for when he can eventually move in to Athenas room (he’s in with us at the moment!) ¬†and they both chose duvet covers with cats on, which is a bit odd as neither of them have shown an interest in cats before but I wouldn’t let them choose anything with characters on so I can’t really complain!
On Friday ‘Uncle Theo’ came to stay, he’s not actually an uncle but he is Athena’s god father so as good as. We went for breakfast at a cafe on the beach and he took our ‘Me and Mine’ photos!
Here’s a brief little update for each of us, since this is meant to be a Me & Mine post!
  • Sam is loving: thinking about the future (cryptic), Playing his new ps4 Game (No idea what it is but there are guns and people he talks to in his headset whilst playing), having a clean car inside (yeah, but for how long) and watching Youtube Videos by Phillip deFranco
  • Lauren is loving: Planning trips, Having shorter hair (I had about six inches chopped off and now have a long bob) and the fact that it is now not deemed weird to be wearing flip flops daily. Also getting to the bottom of laundry mountain!
  • Athena is loving: being back at preschool after the break, kinder eggs, her new folding hairbrush (Seriously she take it everywhere) and playing on mummy’s tablet
  • Arlo is loving: Cars, his toy piggy, wearing his ‘Dude’ hat and having screaming fits at least three times a day (well, he must be loving them or he wouldn’t be having them, right? nobody else is loving them that’s for sure!) He is also loving being a lot more talkative “Mummy it’s broken now” is often said when he has pulled something apart himself!
Annoyingly Sam is working late shifts all this weekend, so I am taking the kids to a reggae party later today for a dance with a view to tire them out so I can get them to bed early and get on with some work, and watch the latest episode of Line of Duty, which is bloody brilliant! Have a great Bank holiday weekend whatever you get up to!
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  1. Ah lovely pictures! How cool does a reggae party sound? Hope they enjoyed it! #meandmine

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