Cloth Nappies: TotsBots Easyfit Star

IMG_6824Arlo had the honour of testing out the newest nappy from TotsBots over the last few weeks, the EasyFit Star. We use the normal Easyfits during the day so the style of nappy was a familiar one, a convenient and easy to use one part nappy that is as close to a disposable as you can get!


The EasyFit Star has a new ‘no escape’ buffer zone and a super soft bamboo core. This is the same material that is used for the Bamboozles (which is the two part nappy we use for over nights) so is really absorbent. I’ve found using the new Star nappies that I am having to change Arlo less often, one nappy can last between 4 and 6 hours which is really impressive for a cloth nappy although Arlo isn’t a really heavy wetter. I must admit that I was a bit impatient as I wanted to try these out so only put them through one wash cycle, although I normally put new nappies through at least three washes, so for them to last longer than regular cloth nappies after just one wash is impressive as they’ll only get more absorbent as we use them.


I use either fleece liners or disposable liners with these nappies, depending on if I am expecting a number two! They fasten with Velcro and have a set of poppers on the front to adjust the rise of the nappy to suit from newborn upwards. I think these Star Nappies are slightly bigger in size than our regular easyfits and i’m doing the poppers up to get the best fit with the Star whereas we don’t use the poppers with the other nappies.  TotsBots nappies should fit up to around 35lb, or from ‘birth to potty’ as the velcro and poppers let you change the size to suit your baby.


The new Star nappies have a different leg cuff style seam, so nothing can leak where it shouldn’t. This tended to be the area the gets wet first on other nappies but the new seam free design is like magic and it contains anything that might want to escape!


These do take slightly longer to dry, because of the bamboo core but as I already have to wait slightly longer for my bamboozles to dry this isn’t an issue for me. They can be tumble dried too but this will shorten the life of your nappies eventually!

Overall I am really impressed with the new Star, it really is the star of our cloth nappy collection! Find out more, at TotsBots. They’ll be available in the ‘elements’ prints range and in block colours so something to suit every taste! If you’re not a cloth nappy user and want to find out more then this FAQ post would be a good place to start!

We were sent these nappies for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies: TotsBots Easyfit Star

  1. So glad to read this – I was wondering how they are after seeing their launch today. Can’t believe how long you got from them! Oliver outpeed a bamboozle in 2 hours the other morning (totally sodden) so I’m always on the lookout for new things which may be good for heavy wetters

  2. I’ve always loved a cloth bum! I got into cloth nappies really late with my first so only used them for about 9 months but I am expecting again in four months so hope to use cloth nappies from the start (or almost anyway!) so I will see if I can add a couple of these to my little collection, they look ace if you can get such a long time between changes!

  3. I was wondering what the difference was between the stars and the easyfits, they sound great! I’m kinda sad I’ve no little bum to put in them anymore !

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