Craft: DIY tassel garland


A little while ago I shared the picture wall in Athena’s nursery in my ‘On the Walls’ post and today I’m sharing how to make one of the easiest and quickest DIY’s ever, a tissue paper tassel garland!

You need: Ribbon (or string), scissors, tissue paper in your choice of colours.

Decide how many tassels you want, you need one piece of tissue paper for each. Also decide what length you want your garland to be and cut a piece of ribbon to match. You will need some spare ribbon to tie each tassel too.



Step 1: fold your tissue paper in half horizontally, then vertically so you have four layers.

20140512_160736 20140512_160908

Step 2: with the folded edge at the top, cut upwards to form strips of around 1-2 cm width, leaving an inch at the top uncut (this will be the middle of your tassel)

20140512_161108 20140512_161143

Step 3: when you’ve cut all the strips, unfold the tissue paper and lay out flat as above.

20140512_161215 20140512_161335

Step 4: start to roll the tissue paper up with the tassels on either side, detangling them as you go. You don’t need to roll too tightly!

20140512_161436 20140512_161452

Step 5: place the centre of the tassel over your length of ribbon and fold it over so that your tassels hang the same on each side.


Step 6: cut a couple of inches of ribbon off and wrap around tissue paper (again not too tightly or you won’t be able to move it along the longer length to space it out. Trip the ends for neatness! Attach each of your tassels in the same way, then when you’ve done them all just space them out along your ribbon, tie loops in the end and attach it to the wall (I used tiny hooks to loop it over but it’s pretty light so blu-tack would work too!)

Let me know if you try it!

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