For my Mums birthday this year we went to spend a day in Lewes. I have been a few times before but never really done the touristy bits. We visited the Castle (well, what’s left of it) and also Anne of Cleves house. You can buy a joint ticket that gives you access to both of these for a reduced fee versus the single ticket price for each attraction. The castle has a lot of steps, but you can leave your buggy behind the ticket desk, which we did. Athena actually loved the stairs, and I had Arlo in a carrier so he didn’t mind them either! The view from the top is very impressive, and there are information plaques to explain the history and the surroundings.

IMG_4197 IMG_4189 IMG_4217 IMG_422420150812_110221 20150812_113508 20150812_132148After the castle we walked through town and checked out the charity shops, sadly no bargains to be had although we thought there might be as a lot of Lewes is quite affluent! We had lunch at a little restaurant called Le Magasin, which is just down from Bills and was far less hectic! Amazingly Athena slept through most of lunch so it was actually a very relaxed experience for once!

When she woke up we headed off through town and the Southover Grange Gardens which are gorgeous, and very well maintained, would be a perfect secluded picnic spot, and nice and enclosed for toddlers too!IMG_4224 IMG_4228


Anne of Cleves house was fantastic, you can actually touch the things on display unlike so many other houses of this era! There was also a dressing up display should you fancy it! We had tea in the little garden outside, which can be visited by anyone, regardless of if you’ve paid to visit the house and is enclosed, so great for little people!

IMG_4217 IMG_4189 20150812_110221


Lewes is very hilly, the picture above doesn’t do the steepness justice but suffice to say Athena walked up and I pushed an empty pram, but had Arlo on my back! What with that hill and the steps at the Castle I definitely deserved a medal!

Have you ever been to Lewes? Any further recommendations for my next trip?

3 thoughts on “Days Out: Lewes

  1. I never visited Lewes but your pictures and description make me really regret it, I miss the East Sussex area! Your pictures are lovely and I really like the one by the river, looks like a perfect day out. (I love visiting places like Anne of Cleve’s house – perfection).

  2. I can recommend so many places! The Flea Market, Flint Owl Bakery, La Porte’s (they have a lovely garden with a fancy shed that’s perfect for some sneaky breastfeeding), the duck pond by the Pells… I’ll make you a special map if you like? :p xxx

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