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Doing DIY around your home can really save you money compared to getting a professional in.  It could also save you time, as sourcing someone to do the work, waiting in whilst they come and quote, deciding who to go for and then being there during the job all take a lot of time! If you work during the day you can save money  by doing the DIY yourself in the evenings and weekends – so you don’t have to take time off in the day to wait in your home for anyone to come and do it.  If you’re in a position to be able to  buy a second property to rent out doing some of the DIY work yourself  can save you thousands too.

Some jobs that people often think are beyond their skill level are plastering, tiling and laying engineered wood flooring. With some time spent watching YouTube videos,  reading how-to guides and asking people who have already undertaken  these tasks anyone can   successfully  save time, money and get great results.

A few super easy ways to improve your home with ease  are:

Painting kitchen cabinets

You can get specific paint for kitchen cabinets, and you can turn even the oldest, most outdated   cupboard doors and drawer fronts into something that looks much much more modern.  Changing  wooden or dark doors to a lighter  colour can change the whole feel of your kitchen too!

Painting tiles in the  Bathroom

Outdated  or scruffy tiles in the bathroom can make it look really tired, especially if they have odd patterns on. With some good quality tile paint  you can really brighten pup a bathroom without having to  mess about with grout or cutting tiles!

Update Light switches and  fittings

Old and  out of date plastic light switches can  make a room look tired, especially if the light switches have faded from a bright white. It is worth changing them to something a little more modern, perhaps with brushed steel or copper   for a bit of a different look

Some jobs that I’ve tried my hand at  are  all on the simpler side but I would love to try  tiling and plastering to save us money when we come to redecorate our bathroom, and  improve all the old artex walls dotted around  the house – nightmare!


Collaborative post. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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