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We were sent this item to review for the purpose of this blog post, all words and opinions are my own.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that  we added a kitten to our family a few weeks ago.  Although we’ve both had cats before it  hasn’t been for a long time so  we made a list of everything we needed  for the little fluffball’s arrival.   We got  the essentials  like a litter tray, litter, a few toys and food but knew we wanted   a  decent bed for  the kitten and a scratch tower that would give him something to sharpen his claws on and have a  safe space high up to give him some respite from the children!

The Pet Empire got in touch to see if we’d like to pick one of cat beds in their range for Rambo,  and what stood out was the amazing and very unusual designs across the whole  site, including  luxury dog beds  and accessories for both dogs and cats.  Everything on the site has clearly been picked for its stylish aesthetic   as well as its comfiness for pets.  All the other cat beds we’d looked at  in the pet shop were very samey and not very attractive!

The Pet Empire Cat Beds

Rambo is now sleeping in style in his ‘Nordic’ asket. It’s  a super furry, very cosy bed for him with plenty of room to fit him as he grows into a bigger  adult cat. At first glance it looks like a footstool, and  would fit well into most decor styles.  With a removable cushion, high sides  and wooden legs that raise it from the ground (away from drafts  and the perils of being  accidentally trodden on.

Nordic cat bed the pet superstore

He absolutely loves it, jumping in and  curling up for a nap, or sitting up and alert and watching everything  that’s going on.  It was super easy to put together, the pine legs just needed screwing in to the  ready drilled holes in the base,  pop the base cushion in and  all done! It#s light to transport from room to room if needed but despite only having three legs it isn’t at all unstable,  and wouldn’t be even with a heavier cat!

Nordic cat bed the pet superstore

The Pet Empire is definitely a site to bookmark, as well as focussing on the design of the products they stock the products are also hand made with a big emphasis on the planet, using sustainable materials and aiming for the lifespan to be longer than average. If you’re looking for Luxury  cat items  then you definitely can’t go wrong!

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