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I like the idea of being organised and I start each year with a clean and shiny new way of keeping on top of things. This year I admit that I’ve been pretty good at it, partly through necessity as I’ve finished maternity so have to juggle 2 work rotas (mine and Sam’s) and Athena’s nursery, plus blogging commitments. Some weeks I forget to write anything down in my diary though, or more importantly forget to write something important on the right day in a week when I have other things going on then get stuck in a muddle! 

I am determined to be a proper grown up who remembers everything and gets it all done on time next year, because I know that the addition of a 2nd baby will probably throw things out of kilter for a while, and how does the saying go? ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ or something like that!


I first became aware of BusyB through a few blog reviews, and then they very kindly sent me the pregnancy diary to keep track of this pregnancy, and then when I saw how well designed that was I ordered myself a calendar and diary for next year, and also a couple of things for Christmas presents for friends! The pregnancy diary is a cute non-gender specific design, and has sections for all the planning you’d need to do! It has a diary section with a week per page for you to track and record your symptoms, activities and appointments each week. The only thing that could be added to this section to make it even better would be a space to write the date of that week at the top, but I’ve just been writing it in myself when I remember.


There are also four storage pockets in in the dividers between sections, perfect for keeping scan pictures, receipts of big purchases and appointment letters! The journal is decorated subtly throughout with cute imagery, I personally love simple polka dots and chevrons so this was always going to appeal to me!

Divided into four sections to jot down questions for the midwife, birth plan ideas, notes of what to do and what to buy, a sweet little list to make a note of presents received at a baby shower so you can send thank you cards, and then lastly a section for after the baby arrives! There is space to make note of feeding and sleeping times, as well as the midwife visit dates too. They really have thought of everything here! It was how well this was designed that made me purchase my next years diary and calendar this early, something that is unheard of for me!

I chose the Busy Life diary, because it has two schedules side by side! I guess this was more aimed so people could keep their home and work schedule in the same place, but I plan to use it for blogging and personal, seeing as I’ll only be working three months of next year! You might think that the diary would be chunky and hefty but it’s not! I love the fact it is slim and light and I’ll be able to pop it into any bag. I used to be quite into filofaxes, but never used to take them out of the house because they took up so much room in my bag, then would stop using them by March!

Again the diary has four pockets to keep things safe in, a section at the back to pop sticky notes in and a loop to keep a pen close to hand. There are even pages at the back for contacts and notes plus a ribbon page marker so no manky post it notes are needed as a book mark!


I also chose a Couples Calendar, it has four sections for each date, ‘me, us, you, birthdays’ which I think is ideal! Currently we have a calendar whiteboard but it still has August’s dates on it as we’re both too lazy to update it once a month! The calendar also has a pocket for each month for appointment cards and wedding invites etc, such a great idea! It comes with stickers too for days out/birthdays etc plus some blanks for when you need to cross something out, much neater! I cannot WAIT for next year to roll around! It will be the year of the organised Lauren!

Busy B stock all sorts of other magical things to help you organise your life (or to give the gift of organisation to others!) including chalk board labels (hello knowing which jar of flour is which!) menu planners, wedding planners, thank you cards and heaps more! Definitely worth a visit, plus if you sign up to their newsletter you’ll get sent lovely discount codes every so often too! You can view the full range of items available here.

I was sent the pregnancy journal to review, everything else was purchased with my own money so obviously I am under no obligation to write about them, but I loved them so I did!

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  1. The diary looks beautiful!! I bought next year’s diary yesterday, I love stationery and new diary time is one of my favourite times of the year 🙂

    Jess xo

  2. Fab diaries! I love the pregnancy one – it would make a great pressie for a newly pregnant friend. And I think the other one is great for blogging too – just what I need! #triedandtested

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