What have I done this week? Why is it always so hard to remember the activities from less than seven days ago by the time Sunday rolls around… Monday – I got wet. Sam had done a night shift after our evening out (read about it here) so Athena and I vacated the house for brunch with friends. However it was absolutely pouring down so we (well, I as Athena was ensconced in her rain cover) got soaked on the way there, and then through town to the post office and back home again!

Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly dull and went something like: get wet on the way to work-work-get wet again-Tesco’s-work-sleep. But then Thursday was a good day (apart from the rain again) as Sam was working at the same place as me on Thursday so we drove in together, then I spent a lovely evening at Coast2Coast in the Marina with some other bright bloggers getting to taste-test their new festive food and drinks menu. We were treated to a cocktail making session, and go to taste all the cocktails too (they made me non alcoholic versions don’t worry!)


My favourite dish was definitely the Maple Bacon burger out of the three dishes we tried, the chef who developed the Christmas dishes was on hand to chat us through the menu and said it took him a long time to convince his manager that maple and bacon worked! Out of the cocktails I had two favourites, the warm apple drink, which is warmed cider, cloudy apple juice and a dash of gingerbread syrup, and the Snowman, a rather splendid looking chap made from cream, vodka, white chocolate liqueur and syrup and decorated with whipped cream and a little face! I think I’ll pitch Coast2Coast as a potential work Christmas meal venue!


Something that I think was a firm favourite with everybody was the Oreo Cheesecake served with Oreo flavoured ice-cream and Chantilly cream. It was divine and I’d happy have eaten about three more slices of it given the chance!


Friday was a lazy day (for me anyway!) as I had a midwife appointment (with possibly the most disorganised midwife ever, who I realised after I left didn’t actually ask me how I was/felt once!) then a lazy morning at home as Sam and his dad (who was visiting for the weekend from Scotland) took Athena out for a walk and for lunch. Saturday was another gloriously lazy day, I even managed a day time bath for the first time in months! Athena was taken to feed the ducks, only apparently she didn’t quite understand that the bread was for them and not for her and marched around with it with the ducks waddling after her because they wanted the bread! In the evening Sam and I went to the cinema to see The Maze Runner, which I really enjoyed (I’ve read the book and it seemed fairly close to the original story but it was a while ago I read it so I may be wrong!) I didn’t enjoy the weird post apocalyptic dreams it triggered last night though…

In the post this week I got a lovely floral maternity tankini (well, it’s as lovely as a maternity tankini can be I guess) and a new pair of converse for Athena and I. Mine have purple feathers on them, and hers are grey high tops. I’m starting to think about my packing list for my holiday, I leave 2 weeks tomorrow! I spent this morning downloading new books for my kindle too!

I hope everyone else has had a great week, and has enjoyed wearing scarves and boots (i’m still in birkies mostly!) I’ll leave you with a 15-week bump shot!

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