One of my very favourite instagram mamas Nicki tagged me to answer 11 questions via her blog ‘On the changing mat’  so here are my answers!


1. Would you consider yourself to be a tidy person or a messy person? Messy. No doubt about it. I let things get to a certain state then do a mass tidy, which is generally just shoving things in boxes.
2. Would you consider yourself to be a hoarder? I used to be but more recently I have become pretty brutal about getting rid of things! It helped that I did some nesting when I was pregnant but there is still a lot of accumulated crap we could do without. Sadly children come with a lot of ‘Stuff’ & we live in a fairly small 2 bed flat that’s full to the brim.
3. Would you consider yourself to be career driven? I was once, I used to be the manager of a large hotel and think I started to get burnt out/lose focus around the time I fell pregnant first (not surprising as I’d been working for that same company for 13 years!) When this mat leave ends I’m not sure what I’ll do.
4. What book are you reading at the moment? I’m currently reading ‘Girl on the Train’ it’s great so far and I’m about half way through and I *think* I’ve just worked out who did it!
5. What are the 5 most recent websites you’ve visited? If we don’t include facebook/twitter then: Feedly (a blog reader that I prefer to bloglovin) Ebay, Asos, imgur & The Guardian.
6. What was the last thing you bought? stamps!
7. What are your thoughts on exercise? Do you do it? Are you a regular do-er? I used to do three body combat classes a week and two body – balance. Now I just push a buggy around and/or have a bay strapped to me and for now that is exercise enough!
8. What’s your favourite smell? Real Christmas trees, cinnamon and a fresh pack of post it notes!
9. How does a typical day go? I love this sort of Question and am working on a blog post idea for a new series actually! For us something like this: 7am wake up, feed baby and Athena wakes up around 7.30. Drink tea, have a leisurely breakfast and more baby feeding. 9am dress everyone, more feeding baby. 10-11am head out, playgroup/park/something else or if we don’t go out Athena naps from 11am till 1pm ish, if we go out she naps when we get back. 2pm lunch, more baby feeding and then we tend to stay at home and play/draw/watch C beebies. 5.30pm ish is Dinner time for Athena and then bath/book/bed at 7pm. Sam and I eat around 8pm if he’s not at work and if he is I eat biscuits till Arlo falls asleep. I then get my blog on till Arlo wakes up around 11.30pm so I then rush to bed with him and give him a feed, then try and sleep myself!
10. When did you start your blog and why? In 2011 because I wanted a hobby to while away my time in the evenings as my then fiancé worked 5 nights a week.
11. What are your nails like right now? Light blue and really chipped and dented. They were like that within minutes of painting them as I decided to ‘get everything done whilst the baby sleeps’ and daftly decided to paint my nails first!

I’m hoping that

  1. What was your favourite childhood book?
  2. Do you have a favourite meal, and if so what and why?
  3. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  4. What’s your favourite joke?
  5. Where is your happy place?
  6. The last song you heard?
  7. Who was the last text you got from?
  8. What colour is your sofa?
  9. What is on your bedside table?
  10. Do you have any blogging goals?
  11. Where did you last go on Holiday?



8 thoughts on “Eleven things

  1. What an interesting read! Our routines are very similar, just without the newborn for me and I am also messy then have a mass tidy up haha! Thanks very much for the tag, looking forward to answering those questions 🙂

  2. Yay, thanks for the tag! I want to read The Girl on The Train, I just struggle to find the time (what is your secret?!) I am very jealous that your toddler still naps, mine doesn’t and not even my baby naps that long (I am clearly doing something wrong!) xx

  3. I now want to go and buy a pack of Post Its and have a good sniff. I’ve never noticed they have a particular smell before! xxx

  4. I loved it! so much fun ,these tags are lovely and make you feel you get to “know” the person behind the screen better. x
    ps:Just posted mine ,thanks for the tag love!

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