Everyday Us – Arlo’s hair cuts

arlo at the barbers

When Arlo has his hair cut he is so good, and more importantly still. He is never still ordinarily, always moving, talking climbing… but the moment you sit him in a barbers chair he freezes! He’s not afraid I don’t think as he’s never upset or whiny, he just seems to know that he needs to stay still. I think Sam’s trained him well, as he took him for his first couple of cuts, but now I can take him and not have him sat on my lap. I just can’t get enough of his little serious face… when the barber held up the mirror so he could see they back he just did this little curt nod like ‘yep, that’ll do’.

arlo at the barbers

I think it doesn’t help that with every snip he looks a little bit older, as a more grown up cut appears in place of the mop of messy hair that he arrived with! Athena has never had a hair cut but we’ll be taking her for a trim before she starts school in a couple of weeks.

arlo at the barbers

5 thoughts on “Everyday Us – Arlo’s hair cuts

  1. I love his hair! It’s amazing how an haircut can make them seem so much older, isnt it? Especially for boys. I love the ‘nod’ too, he has hairdresser etiquette sorted!

  2. How cute is his haircut! Our girly is similar – she won’t sit still for anyone but as soon as you put her in a hairdressers chair she stays super still! #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. Every time when I took my little son to saloon I made different styles. I usually collect cool pictures of hairstyle from the internet. Actually, hair styling is like my hobby. But It’s a matter of sorrow that I have gone a little bit bold. So I am now fulfilling my dreams with him.

  4. Monkey is five and I still hate it when he’s just had his haircut he looks far too old! Love how serious Arlo is and he’s very well behaved. I am dreading having to get Kippers done … that boys a menace!! #ordinarymoments

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