Everyday Us: Phone calls


Phone calls are something that both my kids love to emulate. Whenever Arlo has the chance to grab my phone he will do, smacking it against the side of his head (often the wrong way round) and shout ‘ellooooo’. It is really cute!

Athena on the other hand will have full on pretend conversations with people, pausing for their imaginary responses and everything;

“yes hello nanna”…….. “I hurt my nose”…….”the swing bumped me”……….”it’s okay though all better”

and the ever amusing imaginary phone call to her best friend…

“jecca? Yes jecca come to my house to go in my playroom”…..”yes bring your pony too”….. “and I will also wear my let it go [this is what she calls Frozen] necklace”…..”okay yes bye bye”


Everyday Us are posts about the little things (or big!) that happen that I want to be able to look back on and remember, our children are small for such a short time that I want to remember everything if I can, before they stop doing these things!

One thought on “Everyday Us: Phone calls

  1. This is so cute! T loves doing this and when he’s up for it, he totally has fake conversation. It only works with our phones, though, and not the toy ones, or even the old ones we’ve given him. No. Our ones.

    Love this.

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