Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

The future is now, and STEM subjects are a huge part of a child’s development in understanding the sciences, technology and maths skills. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, all of which are key skills and subjects children will be becoming more aware of in future stages of the school curriculum.

To explore STEM subjects with your child, here are some tips this prep school in Herts recommends.

Cooking and baking

A lot of the processes with cooking and baking require scientific methods to ensure they’re right. Cooking relies on using the right heat and following when and where to add spices, herbs and other ingredients at the same time. Pick a number of simple recipes that your child can pick up easily and ones that don’t need a lot of ingredients. Over time this can be slowly developed.

Baking is always fun with kids, so building their skills in preparing, binding the ingredients and having them set the right temperature is an important process that children can really enjoy. Making sweet treats and cakes is always a happy experience for children, that also shows them the importance of science.

Exploring the great outdoors

The outdoors boasts a huge variety of wildlife, animals and biodiversity. You’d be surprised what you could find on your doorstep! With that in mind, you should aim to take your child out for walks in the local area, especially if there are parks and forests nearby. 

You could also look to take your child further afield and visit areas of outstanding natural beauty, wetland reserves and more. Get them to explore nature, the weather, the changes to the plant life across the year, and the bugs and wildlife with an open mind.

Water play

Making activities and games with water can show a child how water works with gravity and allows certain items to float and others to sink – the cornerstone of many science lessons. You can easily set this up at home in your garden with an inflatable pool, or in the kitchen with cups and water in the sink. Bath time is also a fun way of incorporating water play regularly into a child’s life through toys and games.

Taking your child to the beach is another way of getting children to explore water, as does going to the local swimming pool and practising their paddling and swimming skills. This also helps a child with their fine motor and gross motor skills.


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