Fatboy in the Bedroom

It might be to do with being about to be a married woman,or it might be because I have lived my life thus far being pretty much a slob (I’m not even being over dramatic, a friend once offered to help me put all my washing away because there was nowhere to sit in my flat) or (more likely) because I am a master procrastinator and am avoiding doing the dreaded table plan for the wedding,  I have started to ‘nest’ (no I am not pregnant, but I hear this is what pregnant people do, clean, tidy, sort, rearrange…) and have spent the last three evenings turning the bedroom into what resembles a calming space to relax in, as opposed to the floordrobe with bed that it was before, with the surface of my dressing table (and bedside table, and shelves) covered in clutter. I have taken out a bin bag a day, moved things around and the room seems so much bigger now, even when 6’6 fiancé is lounging at his enormous desk.


IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5430 IMG_5431

[it might not look tidy to you but for me this is perfection, lots of memories and trinkets and everything in its place!]

I have even started to light candles in the bedroom (before they were a living room only addition, due to potentially setting fire to all the clothes I own by accident). Anyway, now it is a serene and calming environment, and there is more space because things are laid out better it can be somewhere I can relax in, preferably on one of these bad boys: This is the FatBoy Original bean 

bag, in purple. But it does come in lots of other colours and a couple of really nice retro-ish floral patterns too. AND when we start doing married-adult things, like having dinner parties I can stick it in the living room for more seating (we don’t have space for a dining table so we an extra large coffee table and eat Japanese style sat round it on cushions. This would bring me up to come dine with me standards of seating! No, well almost.

If you hadn’t heard of the fatboy range it’s all available at Amara.co.uk, and in a nutshell the designer who came up with the concept was listening to Fat Boy Slim (Brighton born and bred, may I add!) and the name stuck! The range developed and now contains a range of bean bags and other items that are durable and suitable for use indoors AND out (so once summer arrives again up I can sunbathe on a bean bag on our little flat roof! hurrah! There are picnic blankets, dog & cat beds (check THIS out, imagine taking your pooch camping and using this as his bed, coolest fido in the campsite, paws down!) The other amazing thing that I just don’t reckon I would have room for (without giving up a wardrobe!) is this GIANT bean bag called the buggle up, which you can strap up to be a giant upright chair, or sideways to be a bench type seat, for two to laze on.

By the way I once worked at one of the (in)famous Fat Boy Slim gigs, because I wanted to see it for free and not do much work I offered to go on the water stand, nobody wanted water because they all wanted beer, so I stood on two crates of coke bottles and got to see the show from about 40 feet away AND got paid for the privilege, it was truly amazing. In the picture below I am off to the right somewhere…


Got a bean bag shaped hole in your life?    Had a de clutter and sort out recently, do tell!

p.s, if anyone wants to come and re paint my bedroom walls for me to add to the ambience you are most welcome to!…please?

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