Festive Gift Guide: Secret Santa and hard to buy for!

So the final gift guide in the series is one for all those people that you’re just not sure what to get, either you don’t know them that well or they are the sort of person that buys what they want when they want it! I’ve put together a selection of things so that if you are in the position of buying a gift for a tricky recipient I can hopefully make it a little easier!

Eat Sleep Doodle is the perfect place to start if you’ve got someone who you don’t know what to buy for, a mug (you could decorate it before you give it to them!) a pillow case, ipad case, all sorts of things that are easily doodled on for endless hours of fun! I’ve ‘christmassed’ my mug in preparation for the festive season but you could do anything you like, as the pen comes in the box!



Everyone drinks water,right? Most people should probably be drinking more than they do and an easy way to do it is having fresh filtered water on hand! This Fill & Go bottle would be an especially good gift for a work colleague who is always off to the water cooler or vending machine too, and not doing enough work! There is a tiny little Brita filter than can be replaced inside the lid and I’ve found I can easily drink a whole bottles worth in one day, more quite often, just from having it next to me! Plus it’s under a tenner, so great for secret santa budgets!


For someone who loves to travel, or wants to start traveling then a Scratch Map is a good bet, they can keep a track of the places they want to go and then scratch them off as they visit! I love going to peoples homes when one is on the wall, as its a great conversation starter too!

A comedy mug, enough said, right? This one is a cats face but i’m sure you can find one to suit your giftee!





Another go-to for tricky people is a phone case, providing you know what phone they use! Case Station sell cases to suit all the popular phones in a few different styles. I made myself one to test out how easy it is; mine has a flip open back that lets you store two cards or a card and a folded note in there. This is ideal for me as tend to just use my bank card on the contactless machines in the local shop on school runs, so I don’t have to take my whole purse out. Amazingly you don’t even need to take the card out to do a contactless payment! You can put whatever you like on the case, including photos that you can upload.

I think anyone would be happy with a pack of multicoloured pens, for work or play colourcoding has never been easier!  Even better pair them with….

Colouring books for adults! Something I’ve never done purely because I would never buy one for myself and nobody has given me one, though I am really tempted to get the swear word one as I swear way too much and it would make me happy to have colourful swears on the wall (as I’d blatantly frame the best ones!)

Swear words / Forest Colouring / Bake off colouring




Linkee /  Cards Against Humanity  / Name Five

Christmas is peak board game season, and they’re a great thing to take to a party or gathering, these three are pretty popular, don’t have loads of rules to get your head round and are all fun to play, or downright weird in the case of Cards Against Humanity, and you can get expansion sets too!

img_0159 img_0160

And finally, all girls have ‘girly crap’ that needs containing, this wash bag is full of pockets and compartments to fill up, and perfect for weekends away! A wipe clean outside and a strong zip means it can contain all that crap easily!

Please leave fun Secret Santa ideas in the comments for anyone else struggling!


Some of these items were sent for inclusion in this gift guide. Some links are affiliate links for which I will earn a few pence if you click through and buy. All words and opinions are mine, as ever!

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