[i’m ill and still running around like a headless chicken wedding wise, but I finish work on tuesday which should give me some more time to get things done. Until a more normal blogging regime continues here is a little post to learn more about me]

I’m weird because…
I can’t sleep with socks on my feet
I have a problem with cracking my knuckles, wrists and ankles.I like to sit under a blanket, not with heating on full blast
I love to eat hot buttered toast in bed
I prefer to bath and not shower
I eat far too many chocolate brioche buns in a week
I can’t sleep in the middle of the bed, even when I have it to myself
I’m scared of spiders.
I don’t eat mushrooms, or fish. both vile.  
    I take a lot less time to do my makeup now than I used to.
I have a problem with slow dithery walkers
 I start my shopping with what I know I need, then browse. Didn’t used to be like that!
I would rather be cold than hot
I could eat kettle chips and dip all day.
I would rather watch a thriller than a chick flick
I do a happy dance when I have good food to eat, or I get a takeaway.
   I know how to roll my tongue

I’m a bad friend because…
I  sometimes like to take a few days to myself
I am terrible at remembering birthdays
 I have trouble being let down
I always like to be in control

I’m a good friend because…
I want to help people I like be happy
I love to spend time with people who make me happy
I’m not afraid to tell people what I think they need to be told
I always say what I’m thinking.

I’m sad because…
I wish that wars didn’t happen
I sometimes let myself down
I need to be better at keeping my house neat and tidy
I wish I had time to travel and see new places

I’m happy because…
Of the fact my wedding is almost here!
It’s that time of year when its acceptable to wear 2 jumpers and a hat indoors                                                                         Life will be very different this time next year

I got the inspiration for this post here, and would love it if anyone else wants to do a similar post, I tag you ALL! let me know if you do it!

5 thoughts on “Fill in the blanks

  1. Look at you still managing to blog! I particularly like the wars answer! I reckon the control one, even tho you put it under a negative, I reckon it’s a positive too! As Jon told me, apparently only boring people are tidy, or something to that effect! Dya really reckon life will be so different in a year’s time? What dya plan to do? Dye your hair blonde? I think it’s interesting that you put letting down in both what you do to yourself and when others let you down, I think this pretty much sums up us all as human beings. We all put so much pressure on ourselves and others around us to keep up to such high standards, whilst trying to juggle different balls, such is the downside of living! I dont reckon you should be too hard on yourself about wanting a few days to yourself,everyone needs that, and people understand!You are always so busy doing things with different people, im amazed you get to take any of those days to yourself! xxxx

  2. this was a great tag, so great to read. I cannot fathom why you would prefer to be cold, I love to be toasty! I would quite like to take on the tag but mine would probably end up quite negative. I’ll see. x

  3. Such a good post, I was reading the list agreeing with every one until the one about slow, dithery walkers. I’m guilty of that one, I amble along like a snail – taking my time listening to my music, pretending it’s a soundtrack to the non-existent film of my life lol. I also have to concentrate on walking as I’m so clumsy that if I don’t think about every step I will fall over!


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