Everyday Us – Ordinary Moments

Last weekend we bathed the babies together for the first time. Arlo was three weeks old and hadn’t had a ‘proper’ bath in the tub and seeing as Athena was about to have a bath and he was happy and full of milk we decided to give it a go! So perhaps this was more than an ‘ordinary’ moment but I know that in the months to come a joint bath will very much be the norm for us so wanted to capture the first time on camera!


Athena is a boisterous bather (she’s a boisterous thing all the time really) so did give him a few splashes, but as Sam was around to keep her busy and a little distracted she was actually pretty good with him! He really loved it and calmed down once he felt the warm water on him, though didn’t stay in for as long as his sister!

Athena didn’t like him having a wash cloth hiding his modesty so kept whipping it off, so all the other photos have lots of baby bits on display, so are being kept for the family album only!

7 thoughts on “Everyday Us – Ordinary Moments

  1. Such a lovely photo – with a newborn it seems that so many ordinary moments are extraordinary doesn’t it? It’s just the best thing to watch them experience everything for the first time xx

  2. We’ve had a similar experience recently – it’s lovely to have them together isn’t it! My little girl just wants to wash her little brother and is just a little too heavy handed! Best of luck for future baths 🙂 x

  3. Aww this is so sweet! I remember when my two had their first bath together. It had a lot of splashing too!

  4. Oh what a wonderful first of many ordinary moments! Having all the children in the bath is so much fun – though ours is starting to fill up a bit with the three of them and Pip is rather splashy so I don’t think we’ve got much longer before we have to do multiple baths – and I know I’ll miss them all in together. It will be just wonderful when Arlo is a bit bigger and can really join in, they’re going to have a blast!

  5. How cute does he look!!! Bathing two is loads of fun – especially when there’s only one of you and the baby is overtired 😉 it gets easier before you know it though. It’s a breeze now. Whilst Little A can’t move much it will be a breeze for you too x

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