Stuff on a Sunday 29

Monday was quiet, a little trip out to the sandy seafront park to meet up with a friend and her little boy who we’d not since for a good few months! We had a nice cakey catch up when it got a but chilly then I headed home for a (thankfully) uneventful solo bedtime as Sam was on a late shift. I even got some writing done!

20150428_114659 Tuesday was a lazy Mama/Arlo day as Athena was at nursery, he turned four weeks old and suddenly started fitting into his 0-3 ย month clothes, well, not fitting exactly but newborn is too small! I started a new linky called #WhatMyKidDid to link up any monthly updates, letters to your kids, achievements and milestones… come and join in!

Wednesday was food shop day as Sam was off work, we were going to go for a country walk but it piddled with rain most of the day so we treated (ha!) ourselves to lunch at Sainsburys!


On Thursday we dropped Athena off at nursery and then headed to Brighton! We picked up a Phil n Teds cocoon that we’d won on ebay and then had a lovely hour catching up with Chelle and Claire with lots of buggy chat for a project of Claires! Arlo then decided that he wanted to feed alllll day so my plans of leisurely trying things on in shops we t out of the window in favour of Nandos and then a Costa break shortly after that!

Friday started well as I got an email from my area manager telling me I got a bonus for the few months of last financial year that I was still officially managing my hotel before I changed positions after my (last) maternity leave. Sam also got news of his bonus, payrise and new position (we work for the same company) so we had a celebratory Chinese takeaway that evening. My mum came over to take Athena to soft play in the afternoon so I slotted a nap in too!


My angelic big baby slept in till 9.20am so I had a nice chilled cup of tea with Arlo cuddles before needing to start breakfast! Skye & Katie then came over and it was so nice to catch up and chill out drinking tea and the lovely chocolatey snacks they kindly provided! I also had someone come and collect an iCandy buggy that I had bought second hand but didn’t get on with. It’s an older one so was a bit past it sadly! We went to a friends for dinner and Athena and their daughter spent hours hurtling around with each other, and Arlo had a good kip on someone other than me which made a nice change! Athena went to bed 2 hours past her bedtime so I’m hoping for a lie in tomorrow too (although tomorrow is today for you…)

My favourite post of the week is ‘2 under 2, it’s not so bad… apart from when it’s sodding difficult’ which was very cathartic to write!

5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday 29

  1. Ah love that photo of Arlo, Happy 4 week Birthday little one. Well done on the bonus, we had one last week and it makes such a difference.
    Have a fab week and I hope Athena had a lie in
    ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. Another busy week for you! I hope I can be as active and get out as much as you do when Baby #2 comes along! (eek!) How amazing is Arlo’s neck and head control?? So strong! And where have the last 4 weeks gone?

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx

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