Beauty treats for frazzled Mums

As I said in yesterday’s post I’m feeling a bit ‘blah’. I think it’s partly because of the whole house hunt thing and partly because the only ‘me time’ I’ve had since before Arlo arrived is a half hour trip to do the food shop two weeks ago! I need a day (nay, two days!) away in a spa with just me and a couple of good books for company to recharge myself but that won’t happen anytime soon so instead I’ve been browsing Just My Look for some treats that I could give myself a pamper session with at home!

beauty treats

Firstly a new body scrub and hair macadamia hair treatment for a blissful bath time (which admittedly is doable now that the small one sleeps in the evenings!) because a proper scrub with a body brush always makes me feel refreshed and renewed, probably because i’ve taken the top three layers of skin off!

A new hair brush, because it has ladybirds on it, but also because I dread to think how old my brush is, definitely pre children!

Loose powder and a good upper and lower lash mascara can make even the most sleep deprived face look brighter and more awake, I love tiny little brushes for getting right into the corners and coating those tiddly little lashes!

Lastly a proper manicure and pedicure, although actually this should be top of the list because I ALWAYS have painted toe nails, and feel better when my fingernails are painted too! I used to have acrylics so had perfectly shaped and non-chipped nails but sadly they are no more as they’re an expensive habit! These OPI colours are all gorgeous, and start from ¬£4.99 which is a bargain, especially as UK delivery is free! Once i’ve sorted through all my old nail polishes and got rid of the gunky ones I’m definitely going to splurge on some new ones!

What’s your beauty treat to cheer¬†yourself up when you feel like you need it?

This is a partnered post, all words and opinions my own.

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