#GeniusJeans with George


George challenged me to create three looks with one hero item, on order to take a capsule wardrobe on holiday. Now we’re going to pretend I’m off on a child free holiday in the sun this summer, perhaps Crete or Rhodes… (I’m actually not going away at all this year sadly but a girl can dream!)

I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone for once and step away from my normal black jeans and chose an acid wash lilac high waisted pair from the surprisingly vast collection of Jeans from George at Asda. They’re incredibly comfy due to their stretchiness, and as someone who still has somewhat of a mum-tum the high waist means they don’t dig in around the old muffin top area! I will say that they are more light pink than lilac but having checked the picture on the website they match exactly!


I was tasked to get three full outfits within a budget of £100 to take with me on my imaginary holiday, so here’s a run down of what I picked:

Depending on how hot it is I’d roll up the cuffs at the ankles, team them with comfy plimsolls and a light and breezy top, with short sleeves to protect shoulders from the sun! A little canvas bag for any souvenir purchases and guide books!

Shopping and lunch:
Jeans with a long line vest with embroidered yoke and crochet back detail. An oversized light denim shirt and a rucksack for stashing all my purchases in leaving my hands free for more shopping!

Dinner & drinks:
Teamed with a blazer to smarten the jeans up, the same white vest and some crochet flats (even on holiday with no kids I’d be all about the comfort, so no heels for me!)


I actually wore the ‘lunch’ outfit at the weekend at the Funk the Family festival we went to, it was really comfortable and the denim shirt is definitely going to be a good summer cover up as its nice and light! Sadly my husband failed at taking a full length photo of me in it!

I’m actually tempted to go through my wardrobe and whittle it down to a bit of a capsule wardrobe! I have a lot of things that don’t go with other things, for example! I think it would be quite cathartic! Anyway, if you’re off on your sunny summer holidays then I’d advise a little trip to Asda or to George online, I was surprised by the quality of what I chose!

George at Asda provided me with the clothing to put together these outfits.



3 thoughts on “#GeniusJeans with George

  1. What an awesome challenge!

    I am a bit of a black jeans gal, and should really try some lighter shades… and I LOVE the denim shirt, really up my street. I have way too many clothes, and really need to get a capsule collection together….it would make life so much easier!

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