In which I have shiny hair

I was contacted a couple of weeks back by GHD to see if I wanted to try a product from their new range. The ‘final shine spray’ arrived a couple of days later and as I was heading out to dinner with my friends (we all get together for Curry once a month in the town near where I grew up!) I thought i’d give it a try. Along with giving a high shine finish the spray is meant to help with fine flyaway hair.

The worry I have with products like this is that adding anything to my fine hair can weigh it down and cause it too look greasy quickly. However the instructions say that you could also use it by spraying it directly onto the brush and not the hair, why on earth did I not think of that before?!

SDC13403 SDC13409 SDC13423

On the left is the spray without straightening (out to dinner!), and on the right after (only for work, nowhere exciting!) . I actually used a little before straightening then sprayed on the brush and ran through right after I’d finished. Excuse the last picture being a bit weird, I was attempting to get the back in the mirror, didn’t work but shows the shine nicely!

Verdict: definitely adds shine, and helps stop hair being too flyaway for around two hours, then I re applied and all was well again. Doesn’t leave a residue either. I would definitely use more as a shine spray than a fly away keeper-awayer, but I would re purchase for the glorious ‘healthy hair instantly’ look.

The packing is simple but effective, more high end than your average hair product, with a matte finish. However Sam did almost accidentally use it as deodorant once, as it’s the same size/colour as his can of whatever it is he uses.

IMG_4583 IMG_4584

For fine hair my tip is to definitely spray it onto the brush and not directly onto your hair (especially if you have fine hair) as it didn’t weight my hair down make me look greasy at all using this method, But I think for thicker hair it would work fine applied directly.

Have a look at the rest of the range here, and then I found this amazing hair style on the GHD website too, on a page with lots of inspiration for hair styles! 

Potential wedding hair perhaps? with the ability to let some of down for flinging about on the dance floor, and pearls instead of gold beads. I’m going to get together with my ever so talented friend for a hair trial soon!

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