Giving Your Home a Classy Makeover This Summer 

Everyone likes a new, fresh feeling home, and what better time to give it a makeover than in the run up to summer? As lockdown is easing and we are allowed guests over in our homes, why not wow them by showing them your newly decorated home? Decorating your home can be seen as a fun project and you could do this independently, without having to necessarily rely on anybody else to help out with it. Giving your home a makeover can be easily done and often doesn’t actually require as much effort as you may think. Here are a couple of great ways in which you can change up your home in time for the summer.

Buying Some Designer Homeware

Buying a couple of really classy pieces to decorate your home with can make such a difference and will really help your home to feel stylish and modern. Why not take a look through some of the amazing Versace homeware at to get some inspiration? Versace décor is included in some of the most timeless interior home designs, and once you look at the incredible Versace homeware items they have on offer, the temptation to get some for your home will be overwhelming. Versace Home is definitely something worth investing in and you could even get just one statement piece as a centrepiece for a room.

Repainting the Walls 

Repainting your walls is a simple way to change up the look of a home, since the wall colour can really alter the feel of a room. If you want something light and airy, go for a white or a cream colour to keep things looking neutral. Alternatively, you could add a patterned wallpaper or even a brightly coloured wall for something a bit different. This will probably depend on the size of the room you are painting – if it is a small room that you want to make look bigger, lighter colours are the way to go, but if you have more flexibility, then go for something fun! 

Putting Some Interesting Art Up

Art is a great way to decorate your walls and keep them looking interesting. This could include having some art décor posters or even some paintings done by a friend or family member. Having art created by someone you know inside your house is great because it will give your home a more personal feel. This will also make rooms look much more interesting and is a great way to give them more dimension if they have plain coloured walls. You could even find a theme for your art, such as choosing an artist to base your house around or choosing a particular era. 

Redecorating your house is great fun, as there are both small and big things you could do depending on whether you want a big change or would prefer something more subtle. Even simply rearranging your rooms can be really effective and the changes will be really obvious to guests!


Photo by Stefen Tan on Unsplash. This is a collaborative post. 

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