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Falling into parenting the third time isn’t actually as bad as I expected. My expectations are quite logical and I know mine, the husbands and the children’s limits in terms of what needs doing and when. I do remember first time around finding so much conflicting advice on how to bring up your children. With time you realise that the only advice you really need is your own. But yet there’s a continual cycle of judgement. This time I’m choosing to celebrate each precious moment rather than think about how I’m a certain category of mama.

Is baby is sleeping through the night yet?

Heck I celebrate if I get a couple of hours let alone a night! Don’t use this a level playing field – parenting is not a race and every sleeping hour should be celebrated.

Breast or bottle feeding?

I celebrate each breastfeed and have done with bottle feeding too. Getting through a feed and baby being full and content (milk drunk) is a lovely feeling. You are helping your little one grow, through your choice and that’s important. Any parent feeding a baby should be celebrated – there should be no division. No line to cross.

To wear or to push?

It does not matter. The fact you’re getting out of the house should earn you a big high five! It’s important for you and baby to head out and see the world. Celebrate your choice on how your baby views the world.

To purée feed or to try baby led weaning?

It’s all ok. Some mums and dads do both and that’s ok too. Messy or clean, fun and flingful. Celebrate each mouthful with delight as they’ll soon all be a fussy eater!

So I suppose I’m just saying chill out Mama! Your choices will not matter soon, time goes so quickly and it’s your choice on whether to enjoy it all. Embrace motherhood! Cross any divide as in time you’ll forget it ever mattered. Embrace each other.


Chelle is a semi professional juggler of 3 children, 1 husband and a crazy cat. You can find her over at, a. Thank you so much to Chelle, a lovely local-to-me blogger!

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