What the toddler read: Halloween Childrens Books

So at the end of the month we have Halloween, which seems to rapidly becoming more and more celebrated over here in England! This month we’ve been reading ‘Pumpkins, ¬†Pumpkins, Everywhere’ from Parragon books. It’s a cute story that covers feelings and emotions and actions in simple terms, in a nice rhyming way. The pages are full of colour illustrations and each page is nice and ‘busy’ so there are lots of things to point out or to ask Athena if she can see them. She also adores the front cover which is funky, sparkly and very touchable! It’s definitely a book that we can bring out at this time of year for a good few more years yet too!

IMG_5055 IMG_5057

Another pumpkin themed book is Pumpkin Soup, which my mum found in a charity shop. It’s aimed at older children so we’ve just been looking at the pictures for now, but it’s a very sweet story too, with lots of cats!

2015-09-29 17.42.44

Any other halloween favourites to add to our collection?

Thanks to Parragon for sending us a book to read and review.


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