Happy Half Birthday – 6 Months in Numbers

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Athena was Six months old on Friday, SIX MONTHS. Crazy. I’m sure people don’t bother to read the long-ass monthly updates, and although I like to read them back (& I print them out too) I thought I’d do it a little differently this month…

She really has changed into a proper little person with a huge personality over the last month. She’s learnt so many new skills and I’ve packed the play-mat away as she’s quite content sitting in the middle of the floor taking everything out of her toy basket. She’s got another tooth and is now able to give you a sharp bite if she so chooses!

She’s also forgotten how to sleep through the night…She had me lulled into a false sense of security by sleeping for around 8 hours a night till she hit 4.5 months… we had a record of 6 wake-ups a couple of nights ago (bizarrely after her 2nd tooth arrived) but the night of her half-birthday she slept 8-4 then till 8 after a quick feed… so perhaps my 6 weeks of sleep deprivation is over?! If it does continue as we’re still breastfeeding I’m debating doing the last feed as a formula feed with follow on milk, because it does seem to be hunger rather than anything else that’s the issue as no amount of soothing or rocking will settle her, I thought that weaning might help but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference, but then she’s not really eating a huge amount yet (you can read about our weaning experience so far in this post)
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She’s been in 6-9 month clothes since 5.5 months, although some 3-6 tops still fit just about. She seems to have comically short arms as I have to roll the sleeves up on most things but I think her legs are also comically long (still 90th percentile for height) so I’m going to have to hunt down some of those vest extenders as the 6-9 are still on the large side in the torso but getting snug lengthwise, oddly proportioned baby! Putting away all her new-born and more recent things was so insane, I can’t remember her being small enough to fit into these tiny vests and sleep suits!
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So, that was the speediest 6 months of my life!

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