Helping Your Child Prepare for Exam Period

Their time in education is almost over but before they can ditch their exercise books, your child will need to sit their exams. Exam season can be a stressful time, especially when there are so many within a short space. Preparation is the one thing that will help them through this difficult time as well as your support and guidance. If you would like to help your child along this process, we have some tips from a private school below.

A Study Timetable

Time is a luxury when you have exams to prepare for. A timetable can help children to prioritise and manage their workload to the very hour so that it all gets done. It also reduces the risk of burn out as it’s easy to overestimate the work that you can get done and put things off – creating a mountain of work to do later. To make one, your child will need a list of their exam dates, a calendar and a diary or jotter of some sort.

Moral Support

For children there’s a lot of expectation to do well. It can feel like having the weight of the world on your shoulders. Having moral support at home can help to relieve some of that anxiety felt and help them to perform at their best. While good grades are important and will help them in the future, it is important to remind children that what matters is trying their best and that you’re proud of them for their hard work. Make time to talk to them and check in with them often to see how they are doing in their mental health.

A Sound Routine

Routine is important because it maintains a sense of normality, and this can help them through difficult times. It can also make sure that things don’t slip, and that healthy habits are being maintained. Things like an early bedtime and healthy eating etc. Sleep is imperative as it affects a child’s ability to concentrate and retain information. A good diet is equally as important as one that consists of poor nutrition and high sugar will lead to them feeling sluggish after their initial boost of energy.


As well as organising their time, your child will need to organise their workspace to ensure that their important notes and books don’t go missing. A clutter free, clear space is also inviting and can help to motivate them to do their work.


Collaborative post. Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash