Herodrive DC SuperFriends Toy Cars Review

If you’ve met Arlo there is a good chance that at some point he will have mentioned Batman, whether or not it was relevant to the conversation! This is a kid who chose to have a Batman themed party for his third birthday despite never having actually seen a batman film or program. He has now of course but that was the start of a beautiful relationship. We were planning to get him one of those cool electric cars for kids to enjoy ย during the summer, but he someone gave him cute Batman toys.For the past couple of weeks Arlo has been playing with the Herodrive DC Super Friends toys [gifted for review] and is one very happy chappy!

The Batman Mash Machine is a chunky, sturdy car with lights and sounds, activated by the Batman logo button on the front of the car. I warn you now as a parent that this function can’t be turned off by a switch… but you’ll be pleased to know the three sounds that each button press rotates through are short and not obnoxiously loud! They include engine and siren noises, perfect for make-believe chases around the living room and catching ‘bad guys’.ย  Because of the location of the noise-making button once your little guy (or girl!) realises that zooming towards skirting boards at full speed means noise and lights you might want to leave the room for a little bit!

The pack of four Speed Squad Minis are just as whizzy but they don’t have lights or noise. There are four very famous super heroes represented here, Batman, Superman, The Flash and The Joker. Arlo loves to line them up and then get everyone else to chase The Joker – fair enough really! These are the perfect size for popping in a bag to take out on train or car journeys, and are small enough to ‘drive’ around the table top in restaurants but to not make noise or damage if they’re dropped. The cars are sturdy and child-proof but not heavy.

You can buy the both these Herodrive toys in Asda stores and the set of minis online, with more characters being added to the range soon. These are perfect for kids of around 3-6 and are an ideal way to introduce them to their (or your!) favourite DC Super Hero characters with age-appropriate toys.

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  1. Oh my god he looks so pleased with these cars! My little boy is about a year younger than yours I think and he would love these!

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