How the Dutch supply the world with tulips

There is a demand worldwide for tulips, and it looks like the Dutch are the ones supplying the entire market. It is a great business for them as it makes a lot of money for the country. These Dutch tulips bulbs generate the flowers and are famous for their bright colours and their lovely shapes. The shapes are so distinct that a child would be able to recognize a tulip through a wall of flowers. This makes it a good idea for businesses to start operations around the export of this flower. In this article, some news about tulips will be highlighted, and we will talk about the Dutch export of tulip bulbs.

How the Dutch managed to storm the market

The Dutch are the kings when it comes to selling tulips, especially to the United States. In order to keep up with the demand and be a fast supplier, they managed to sell many products to other intermediaries who would later on sell them within the United States. They even managed to make sure that they have their own farm within the United States to make sure there is no delay in supply. These farms are running day and night to fulfil the needs of their customers. The amount of tulips that are sold from these farms are in the tens of millions.

Different suppliers of the tulips

In the Netherlands it is a booming business to be in the tulip business, this is why it is very attractive for someone to get into this business. There are many projects and products that revolve around selling these flowers. In the Netherlands alone, there are over a hundred businesses related to the tulip export. This is not stopping because more and more entrepreneurs are getting to know the market and notice the potential money that can be made. Whereas other companies in the Netherlands also export a lot of their products, the power of the tulip export is a force to be reckoned with.

Entering the business from the outside

If you are not living in the Netherlands, it will be fairly hard for you to get into the business from afar. This is because there are many countries that have tried to compete with the Netherlands, but they fail to understand that the reason the Netherlands is the biggest player in the export of tulips is because the production is locally. This is of course an unfair advantage for the Netherlands, but this has been the case for years. Therefore, it is hard as an outsider to get into the business.

Export beneficial to the economy

The reason the Netherlands is so protective of the export of tulips is because it is a very healthy stream of income for the government. This industry generates a lot of profit for the Dutch government, so they try to cancel all competition, if there even is any. Protective export laws are always under a scope, but in this case it seems that the Dutch are doing it quite easily. It is interesting to see if in the near future there will be a player big enough to test the Dutch.


This is a collaborative post. Photo by Justin Ha on Unsplash 

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