How To Brighten Up A Room With Fun Wall Art

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When it comes to home interiors something that often gets missed is accessories for your walls. It’s can be very easy to paint a room a new colour or add some wallpaper but large walls especially can end up looking a bit bare and plain. However, there are some really easy and fun ways to brighten up a room and that’s with wall art. Fine Art America have lots of different options to choose from.

Framed wall art

Something that has become really popular over the past couple of years is a gallery wall and there are so many ways to create one. A great way to do this is with framed wall art. You can use frames that are all the same size or you could even do something a bit more creative with different frames in varying sizes.

No matter which layout you choose, the wall art that goes inside the frames is where you can really add some fun to your room. Framed art prints from Fine Art America come in categories such as animals, fantasy and science, just to name a few.

Canvas prints

Although framed prints are really popular you might want something a little bit difference and this is where canvas prints might be more suitable for you. Canvas prints have a bit more of an ‘arty’ feel to them and might suit your decor better than a print. You can choose anything from a canvass of a beautiful landscape or you might like a canvas of your favourite famous landmark, which could be a reminder of a much loved holiday somewhere.


When you think of wall art you might think that it’s only suitable for adults and to decorate a home in a certain way. However, wall art,┬ádepending on the choice of image and how it’s displayed, can also suit a younger demographic too. Posters can be a really cool and fun way to brighten up a child or teenagers bedroom or maybe even a study or home office. Film or music posters would be a great idea for room like these!

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