How to Create Custom T-Shirts That Will Make Your Family Smile

Cool t-shirts are universally appreciated gifts. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or any other meaningful event, you can make custom t-shirts and dress someone with a beautiful smile and a cool tee! 

With the development of various design apps and platforms, creating t-shirts has become more accessible. Once you have finalized the design, you can send it to any online clothing outlet and get it printed on a high-quality t-shirt. Here’s your guide to crafting custom t-shirts for the ones you love or yourself! 

How to Design Custom T-shirts 

Creating custom t-shirts is a two-phase process: designing and printing. Let’s start with designing!

Think about the purpose 

Before you begin, think of why you’re designing the T-shirt. Is it for yourself or someone else? Is it a gift or merchandise? Is it for personal or commercial use? If you’re making personalised t-shirts for your family members, you can use pictures, quotes from your parents on siblings, catchphrases, or other things that signify your familial bond. 

Choose the colors

There are hundreds of colors to choose from. Pick the combination you want on your t-shirt. If it’s a quote, pick a font color. See if you want to go for mellow or bold colors, vivid or dull, pastel or printed. You can check out an online color palette and see which shades pique your interest. Try to use complementary colors, rather than analogous colors, to create a contrasting and impactful effect. But you don’t have to feel burdened to stick to these rules. You’re the designer, after all!

Select the fonts

Thinking of adding a quote from your mom or a catchphrase that your dad often uses? Why not make it more attractive by picking a quirky font? Since you’re not a professional designer, you won’t have to stick to the rules of typography. Aesthetics are still essential, so make sure that the font you use looks good. 

Pick the graphics

From family pictures to quirky icons, there is no shortage of fun graphics on the internet. Regardless of which online design app you’re using, you’ll get an excellent collection of images, logos, memes, and whatnot. You can also use your own pictures and make a collage. 

How to Print Custom T-Shirts 

Now that we are done designing your t-shirts, all that’s left is the printing. For this phase, you need some resources. If you don’t have any, fret not! You can get in touch with online custom t-shirt printing stores. 

These outlets specialize in making custom t-shirts. Usually, they do the designing part as well; you just have to share your vision with them. However, since you are already done with designing, the hard part is done. You just have to ask them to print the design, and you’ll be finished. You would only have to pay for the t-shirt and the printing. 

In case you want to go DIY in terms of printing as well, we got you covered there. Here are some of your options. 

White Toner Transfer Printing

If you want to print your own t-shirt, your first option is to get a Digital HeatFX white toner transfer printer. Using the printer, you can print five colors on a transfer sheet, including White, Yellow, Black, and Magenta. Moreover, instead of liquid ink, the printer uses white toner. You don’t need much experience using the device or printing t-shirts to use the printer. Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the steps to do a satisfactory job. 

You can print just about anything from logos to pictures on the t-shirt. If you have the design part covered, you can finish the project in minutes. With this device, you can print as many t-shirts for your family as you want, and you won’t have to maintain the printer either since there’s no liquid ink involved. 

Direct to Garment Printing

Using this technique, you can print your design directly on the t-shirt. The process features a mechanism in which inkjets pinpoint target ink to shirts. Because of this, the image on the t-shirt is of high resolution, as opposed to some of the other printing techniques. The graphic won’t crack or peel since it is now pasted on the fabric. The design is exceptionally soft, and the fabric can be washed easily. 

You can always turn to professionals if you’re not up for DIY printing. They use high-grade printing techniques to make custom t-shirts. You won’t have to worry about the design fading over time since good-quality resources are used to make them.

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