How to Help a Family Member Who Got Falsely Accused of a Crime?

You must have heard of different false accusations cases, but it hits differently when one of your own family members gets into this trap. Being falsely accused of a crime you weren’t a part of or never even heard of can be disheartening for the accused and the family. Due to these untrue allegations, one could also suffer the loss of employment, loss of reputation in the community, and other damages. 

These cases can also result in random police interviews and searches at your house. At such times, the family can panic and wonder what if they make some sort of false allegation. But instead of losing control, you need to take action to avoid such random police invasions without a search warrant. Here we have shared some key points you must consider as soon as you get into such a situation.  

Guide them Through this Difficult Situation

Dealing through such a situation can be truly difficult. The first and foremost thing the accuser would need is the emotional support of their family. Thus, make sure you talk to them and let them know that you’re there for them. Also, make them accept that they will have to come to terms with this critical situation, or they won’t be able to get out of the rut. Help them to make smart decisions.  

Contact an Attorney

Many times, innocent defendants don’t get legal protection until it’s too late because either they think their innocence will be too obvious or hiring an attorney will make them look guilty ( which is unfortunately true). But if your family member has gotten into such a situation, make sure they hire an experienced attorney at the earliest. For instance, if they are falsely accused of a sex crime, they should seek a sex crime attorney legal advice as the lawyer can help protect their rights. A lawyer will also protect you from sudden police visits.

Make Sure They Decline Voluntary Searches 

When a person gets charged with a crime, they’re more likely to face random police interviews and testing. As long as they have a search warrant, they can conduct the search, but if it’s not, you have every right to decline voluntary searches. Because letting them enter your house or even speaking to them can bring out some possibility for your trouble. You might not know what they can catch as possible evidence against your case. 

Ask them to Collect the Evidence

As soon as you get into such a case, ensure you gather all the relevant evidence in one place. Keep everything safe and secure no matter how trivial you think the detail is. Handover all the evidence to your lawyer, and he will use it to defend your case and hence will try his best to get you out of the trouble. But make sure not to keep the evidence in an easily accessible place as you can’t lose them at any cost. Moreover, do not destroy any evidence you think can put you in a bad light. Let the lawyer decide that. 

Ask Them to Not Contact the Other Party 

In cases of false accusations, some accusers might find it wise to talk to the victim and understand the entire situation. Now it may seem like a good idea, but it can complicate the matter even more. It could also be seen as you trying to intimidate them and can be used against you in the future. And even if you think you can negotiate with the other party, discuss it with your attorney first and then make a decision.

Tell them They Can Press Charges Against the Other Party

If your family member’s false accusation case has been resolved and they have been proved innocent, tell them they have the power to press charges against the person who trapped you. You can even get the other person charged with defamation of character, which comes in cases of slander and libel. 

If the family member has suffered a monetary loss due to the false accusation case, they may be eligible to seek compensation for it. This can cover the attorney fees or any loss of income in case you get fired from a place.

Final Thoughts 

One should know that falsely accusing someone of a crime is categorized as a crime ( in most places). Depending on the nature of the case, the person can be charged with a misdemeanour and even for a felony charge. Hence, make sure you guide your family members about the facts so that they can seek help from an experienced defence attorney and get out of the trouble as soon as possible. 

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