How To Inject A Burst Of Colour Into Your Home Designs

Colour schemes play a central role in the atmosphere of any home setting. Therefore, if you’re looking to transform your living spaces from bland to grand, injecting a burst of colour is the perfect solution.

Thankfully, it is often one of the quickest and most affordable ways to upgrade the home. Here are six of the best solutions to change your living spaces for the better through colour.

Create a feature wall

A few coats of paint can instantly give rooms a new look and fresh appeal. However, using bold colours on every wall can be a little overwhelming. Painting a feature wall is often the smarter choice as it will grab your attention in a more powerful way. Better still, when you use an off-white shade for the other walls, rooms can be made to look bigger and brighter.

You could transform the look of a room in just a few hours.

Choose colourful home accessories

You do not have to completely transform the design of your living spaces to make them pop with colour. A photo frame retailer that designs colourful frames can help bring the walls to life while also celebrating your family and friends. Similarly, colourful sofa cushion covers or bed covers can work wonders for creating a more appealing vibe.

Alternatively, plants and flowers can boost the aesthetic of any living space in style.

Embrace natural material designs

Wood, marble and a host of other natural materials can help define the character of a room. Walls, floors, and furniture can all help you layer the room to embrace various colours and patterns while maintaining a soft palette. For a more affordable option, vinyl flooring and wall tiles that are designed to replicate natural materials are a great choice.

Building colour doesn’t mean you have to avoid black and white schemes.

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Select versatile lighting

Lighting solutions have a huge influence on the overall approach to interior design. LED lights are great for energy efficiency, but can also open the door to more versatile lighting setups. As well as different LED colours, new patterns and intensities can draw attention to specific features within a room. You can also set entirely new moods in this way.

It’s one of the simplest changes to implement, and can bring a huge impact. Perfect.

Change your cupboard doors

Whether it’s a wardrobe or kitchen cabinets, changing the doors to a new and colourful solution can work wonders. A cabinet door specialist can help you find a new solution to suit the current colour scheme or create a significant shift. Either way, the installation can be a quick and affordable project that delivers stunning results.

There’s no need to replace the entire unit when this job achieves the same outcome.

Use Rugs

The floors can go a long way to setting the tone for a room, especially when you make a conscious effort to work your way up from them. Whether you have carpets or hard flooring, a patterned rug can make the space seem far more interesting. Similarly, runners can be used up the staircase or in hallways to ensure that colour isn’t limited to main living spaces.

When used in conjunction with the other tips above, the overall impact is telling.


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