Ideas For a Kitchen Make Over This Summer

Are you getting bored of your current kitchen, and feel as though it needs a redesign or restyle? Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, from storing different foods, to time spent cooking meals with family and loved ones. It is important that you enjoy spending time in this room, and that it radiates warmth and love. After all, many happy memories can be made in the kitchen, and having a well thought out space can minimise stress and improve your efficiency. Here are some top ideas for your kitchen make over this summer. 

Our favourite ideas 

Give your kitchen cupboards a new lick of paint- adding a different colour to your kitchen can make a great deal of difference, especially if you currently have quite dark cabinets. Adding a lighter colour can help the room feel bigger and brighter. Not only this, but a fresh layer of paint can help disguise any marks or imperfections that you have, making the room feel brand new!

Jazz up the walls with a tiled splashback – splashback is inevitable when cooking, and it can be one of the first places that you start to see dirt and mould in your kitchen. Installing a tiled splashback is easy to clean, and can also add some uniqueness to your space. Why not consider using a sustainable splashback to make your home more eco-friendly?

Use pendant lighting over the dining table for a sophisticated look – Lighting can make a huge difference to the feel of the room, and everyone’s aim in their home is to make it feel as cosy and homely as possible. To add a bit of sophistication, why not install some pendant lighting over the dining table – perfect for family meals or when you have guests over.  

Add a kitchen island or breakfast bar – If you have enough space, installing a kitchen island can do wonders to open up your kitchen and create an inviting cooking environment -With plenty of space to prepare ingredients. You could also add a breakfast bar, which is a great place for the family to sit and keep you company whilst you are cooking! 

Use clever storage – Gone are the days of boring storage spaces, try to add some unique shelving and designs to make your kitchen feel more modern. Speak to an interior designer or look at a kitchen showroom and try to come up with some ways in which you can elevate the functionality and space that you have to work with. With the right storage, you would be surprised how much you can fit into even the smallest of spaces!


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