• Went to some ante natal classes, and met a knitted boob, and now know how to ‘milk’ myself :/
  • Had a manicure courtesy of the Powder Beauty
  • Went to London to see Singing the Rain
  • Turned 8 months pregnant with an ever growing bump (week 34 update/pics here)
  • Got panicky about life in general at the start of the month, ranted about it here
  • Drove around 850 miles in the last week, roll on Sam having had his license long enough to hire a car so he can do the driving! (but actually I love driving, especially round new areas!)
  • Decided when I am stopping work to start maternity leave (week 39) and am hugely happy with who will be managing my hotel for me when I am off looking after the sproglet.
  • Finally blogged about my wedding dress(es)
  • Enjoyed afternoon tea at Food for Friends
  • Said goodbye to a friend who moved to Japan for a year
  • Had a Chinese meal & a then a  sneaky mojito at The Grand when Sam’s mum came to Brighton for the evening with her boyfriend
  • Explored Castles and caves (posts and pics to come) in Cornwall
  • Waddled along Brighton Beach on a sunny sunday
  • Enjoyed spending a week with 6 close friends (and a baby!) in a converted Mill house immensely, maybe communal living is worth a thought…

Our home for the week in Cornwall

Off out for the night / cocktails / Cornish sunrise

IMG_8486  And this is me at 34 weeks and a few days… I literally feel like an elephant. The baby is kicking and rolling around in a pretty painful and dare I say it annoying way, especially when I am being still, like driving or attempting to get comfortable on a sofa/in bed. I did however completely freak a poor young lad out on the bus who was sat opposite me and caught me glaring at the bump, just as it moved quite clearly from one side to the other, he looked like he was about to vomit, I felt a bit sorry for him!







What did you do in April?

5 thoughts on “In April I…

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely month! I’m looking forwards to my trip to Cornwall, it’s so good to have a break sometimes!

    And you look beautiful at 34 weeks 😀 xx

  2. Looking forward to your Cornwall pics! I would love to go there this summer, so would be good to know where you went etc!

  3. Haha, that can be my new knitting mission = knitted boobs! (how strange?)

    Cornwall is gorgeous, we went there a little while back, recognise some of the sights from your pics!

    You are looking stunning at 34 weeks, don’t worry 🙂 Not long to go now!!


  4. I’ve totally been rubbish at checking in on my favourite blogs recently 🙁 You’re totally rocking the bump! Cornwall looks lovely, it’s made me want to go off on a break somewhere now, but new flat = no spare cash, boo! x

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