Tintagel Castle & an outfit

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This is what happens when I ask Sam to take pictures… bump shots. Top H&M (not maternity, just bigger sized) and Skirt H&M Maternity. Shoes Peacocks. Also check out the trout pout on the right picture, it’s the only reason I left it in! This is what I wore when we ventured to the North coast of Cornwall, we visited Newquay (I didn’t really like it, it reminded me of the 70’s… in a bad way! but the beach was pretty as it was empty!) Padstow, and Tintagel Castle.



Newquay Beach, the only part worth photographing in my opinion (sorry Newquay!)

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Padstow: I asked for a battered sausage in Rick Steins fish & chip shop. Denied. Ended up with a halloumi Burger. We also saw creepy little lobsters that were almost see through.

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Tintagel Castle. It’s amazing, the castle is high up on a piece of land separated from the mainland with access via a man made bridge, and about a gazillion steps, which seemed like a good idea at the time! (the ticket lady said I could have a refund if I couldn’t manage the steps, but being a trooper and not wanting to wait on my own for the others I made it right to the top of that bloody island, hence!) Tintagel is also the home of legendary Merlins Cave and has a whole heap of history attached to it. Definitely worth a visit, it was such a misty day that day (As with most of our week, to be honest!) so it would’ve been nicer to get clearer pictures, but it was quite atmospheric anyway!

I’ll get up some more Cornwall-y posts soon.

5 thoughts on “Tintagel Castle & an outfit

  1. Wow pretty place! I love the trout pout and that halloumi burger looks YUM !

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love that you went from a battered sausage to a halloumi burger!
    Any chippy that doesnt serve the sausage ain;t worth it to me! 😛

    looks lovely tho!


  3. Thanks for sending me this link – I’m reading bits then scrolling down to the bottom to comment before reading again!
    I also went to Cornwall, for the first time, when I was pregnant – 36 weeks in fact AND I went to the Eden Project and could have died it was so hot and exhausting!
    Newquay – Reminds you of the 70’s in a bad way! HA YEAH! AND that bridge and house is def the only bit worth photographing and in fact the only bit I did photograph – Although we went to Newquay on our second visit to Cornwall when LP was a year old.
    Tintagel is on my list of places to go although I’d heard it wasn’t very pushchair/baby friendly and I think your photos and post confirm that! Tintagel can wait for another trip!! xx

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