Didn’t do a great deal, it seems… maybe it’s because it’s a short month?


  • Spent a week in Norfolk
  • Celebrated Sam’s Birthday (so now we’re 4 years apart not 5, i’m older)
  • Spent a lot of time on the floor chasing after Athena who wants everything she can’t have
  • Sold our coffee table to make more room for her to get at the things she can’t have…
  • Wrote about my parenting style and how it is different to what I thought it would be like
  • Went to The Baby Show
  • Dyed my hair dark again
  • Did a catchy up post
  • Posted about the Thames Tour I went on with my mum
  • Baked more. But somehow lost half a stone… weirdly.
  • Did The Mummy Tag
  • Got a new tattoo (the penguin book logo on my wrist)
  • Moved the living room around and got new (plain) curtains to replace the hideous old ones which had weird red wavy patterns on them.
  • Wrote a post on easy make up tips for new mums
  • Started a new skin care regime (post coming soon because it’s working!!)
  • Had a lot of bubble baths, best thing to do in miserable weather

  • Wished it would snow, just once, so that I can put Athena in her snow suit and make snow angels!
  • Read 6 books:


What did YOU do in February? You can see my ‘In February I…’ post from last year here

7 thoughts on “In February I…

  1. Lovely photos Lauren – sounds like a good month to me! Let me know about the skincare regime…I need a new one! x

  2. Love the hair colour! Lots of bubble baths, perfect, definitely how I wish I had spent my February!

    Sophie x

  3. What a great idea for a post! I feel bad starting things part way through the year, even if we’re only 2 months in! I’ll be stealing this idea through 2015! x

  4. Good work on the baking/weight loss combo – do you reckon it’s due to chasing after Athena? February has flown by, hasn’t it? I can’t even remember what I’ve done! Eaten lots of chocolate, probably… I think I shaved my legs at some point. xxx

  5. Well that sounds like plenty to me. Looking forward to your skincare regime post, mine has gone to pot x

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