Bath times are one of my favourite times of day with Athena.  She’s always loved baths apart from one odd bath a few months ago where she cried. Luckily it was a one off and she now happily sits and splashes about until I have to get her out because the water is going cold! Today I’m reviewing three bath activities/toys that we’ve been using recently.
Penguin Bubble BlowerThis was a Christmas gift but you can buy them on Amazon and various other places. The penguin is meant to stick to the tiles and blow bubbles happily over your child’s head in the bath. However ours doesn’t stick (the sucker doesn’t suck!) You pour bubble bath into the belly of the penguin then switch it on to make the bubble wands rotate. The first few times we used the penguin we were a bit disappointed, however it seems to get better with use and now sprays an almost constant stream of bubbles during bath time. Athena likes to stare at it until it produces a bubble then she stares at that till it pops. It does make a pretty irritating humming noise but it’s likely that your splashing and squealing kid will drown it out anyway! The bubble bath we use is a radox one, which seems to work fairly well, although I do know of at least 2 other people who have a penguin that is reluctant to blow bubbles, and the reviews are not brilliant online either,so for that reason it gets a 3/5!

John Lewis  Bath time squirters (discontinued although there are other similar ones available) Another Christmas present of 10 various creatures that you can fill with water and then squirt out. At the moment Athena is a bit diddy for these (they do say 12 months plus) so she’s not squirting them herself, but we both love to squirt them at her! I also fiddle with them when I’m in the bath as they tend to live along the edge of it. Athena does pick them up and fling them around, as well as attempting to chew on them too!  Brightly coloured and a good selection of animals… another good thing about these is the tub they come in which is sturdy and reusable so you can keep them in there when not in use. 5/5

ELC bath letters
Another disappointment sadly! They just don’t stick to our tiles! This might be because the tiles aren’t completely smooth but they also don’t stick to the bath itself which is perfectly smooth. I think the letters should have been printed on the other side… As you can see in the photo I’ve had to balance them on the top of the bath! These were half price so only cost £3 and i’m getting use out of the net bag that they came in to put other bath toys in to keep out of the way. There was also a really weird assortment of letters, not enough vowels and some consonants missing completely!maybe when Athena is older we can use them outside of the bath for spelling practise? 1/5

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