Here is my usual end of month round up, links go to previous blogposts
  • Moved to a new house in a heatwave
  • Put my car back on the road
  • Visited my friend in Essex,
    Athenas first over night trip…
  • Then carried on to Norfolk to stay with Sams
    mum for a few days 
  • Went to Ikea twice… i’m getting fed up with the meatballs!
  • Was allowed a bath finally as my
    c-section stitches were healed enough
  • Enjoyed baths with Athena
  • Mostly
    unpacked the house
  • Spent too much time suffering in the heat. I’m not a
    heat-lover unless I’m on holiday with nothing else to do 
  • Wrote up my birth story, which is not gruesome in the slightest! 
  • Read ‘life after life’ which was brilliant, by Kate Atkinson.
  • Got even more behind on
    blog reading
  • Found out ‘the old reader’ my google reader alternative is
    closing down, I guess I better get used to bloglovin!
  • Went to the Trevor
    Sorbie summer party… Athena was a big hit! 

  • Realised I spent a lot of
    unnecessary money on acrylic nails for years… My natural nails are doing just
  • Got used to mummy-hood but
  • …still miss work! Every time I pop
    in some drama is unfolding and I miss the excitement!
  • Met up with some of the
    lovely Brighton blogging ladies for a picnic in pavilion Gardens
  • Lost my
    Filofax for a couple of weeks, but it reappeared from the depths of a box thank
    goodness! Panic over…
  • Wrote about my experience with breastfeeding
  • Have had fun filling out Athenas babybook and getting
    pictures printed for prosperity! 
  • Sam goes back to work today after two and a
    half weeks off for moving/family time. I’m going to miss having him around, as
    will babykins, she always gives him the biggest smiles!
  • Realised that in 8 months we’ve got married, had a baby and moved house, all the most stressful things in life. Time for a holiday now please?!
I’m going to spend tomorrow doing nothing but watching films, cuddling the baby and maybe blogging, I’ve bought a few new clothes recently now i’m not sporting so much of a post-pregnancy belly, so plan on getting back into doing outfit posts again, hurrah! Also is it wrong to be quite enjoying the drizzly weather? 

2 thoughts on “In July I…

  1. I’ve just read your full birth story with tears in my eyes, gorgeous photos of such an amazing moment, you both look so happy, and as I’ve said millions of times Athena is just GORGEOUS! Ok I’m seriously broody now 🙂 Thanks for that hehe.

    What a lovely month! Enjoy your chill out day of blogging and taking it easy

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  2. Woww, didn’t realise all that was in 8 months, thats a lot to fit into such a small amount of time – I’m jealous though, everything seems so perfect, aww, me too please!! I’ve passed phase one and got the job, now need a house!! You should bring the little ‘un in for a shoot <3

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