So almost forgot to write this up but here we go, with a few hours left of June


In June I…

Started looking for a property to buy, dun dun dunnnnn!

Got confused by everything mortgage related!

Gained a TWO YEAR OLD. madness.

Watched Cinderella (not as bad as I expected) filmwise and Telly wise I’m watching Humans, My Mad fat Diary and Escape to the Wild on channel 4.

Only read one book, Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka. That means I am now 1 book behind schedule for the year so I need to get a move on!

Started to tentatively eat more healthily. Basically I stopped buying dark chocolate digestives.

Started a new linky: #WhatMyKidDid that goes live on the 1st of the month here it is

Blogged more than ever before I think, 47 posts in fact. I feel blogged out, I need to concentrate on some more boring life-admin like booking Arlos Christening, ebaying all my maternity clothes and looking for houses! So I am going to take it a bit easy for July blog wise, i’ll still be posting but not as much!

Discovered my knees will have bruises on all the time, no idea what I do to get them but I have the knees of a seven year old boy!

Went to Brit Mums, and re-evaluated what I want out of blogging (hence the little cool down for a few weeks)

Updated my ‘About me’ page and my Giveaways page… three on the go at the moment!

What did YOU do in June?


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