#WhatmyKidDid and Arlo at 3 months

Welcome to #WhatMyKidDid for July! First, an Arlo update. IMG_3224 Arlo is now three months old! Seriously insane, in some ways it feels like he only arrived last week and other times it’s like he’s always been here!

Size: Chunky Monkey! I’m not sure exactly how much he weighs but he’s definitely gaining weight so that’s the main thing! Its weigh in day today actually so I may well go down and then add it in later, I do so love putting the dots on the charts in the red book! [edit: 15lb 6oz at 13 weeks] He’s firmly in size 3-6 month clothes and has been for a couple of weeks now! Lots of thigh and arm rolls, and I have to clean his neck rolls with a baby wipe every so often to make sure he’s not collecting fluff!


Sleeping: Still no routine so to speak of, we’re still co-sleeping for 75% of the night. I feed him to sleep in the evening and then pop him into his snuzpod. I then wait for him to wake up and then get into bed and feed him, which is normally between 11 and midnight. He tends to settle again in the snuzpod for another hour or so and then I’m so tired that I just roll onto one side and pop the boob in and sleep again, then when he wakes up roll to the other side and repeat! So i’m not sure entirely how much he wakes but I think it’s just once or twice until around 6am. We tend to get up then and have an hour or so in the living room before Athena wakes up. Day time naps are sporadic, if we’re out in the sling he’ll nod off in that, and sometimes in the buggy if we use it. I’ve been putting him to sleep on his front now as he settles a lot faster and sleeps for longer.


Doing: A whole lot more alert and now when he flails his hands around and touches something he’ll keep hold of it though he’s not grabbing things on purpose yet. He’ll tolerate tummy time, likes playing on his mat or just sitting in his swinging chair watching what goes on, but none of those things for more than 10 minutes before he squawks for a cuddle! I think we’re at the end of the third ‘wonder weeks’ leap too although to be honest the only change really has been fussier feeding, preferring to feed laying down, which isn’t always convenient, like in Starbucks for example!

He’s still a very very docile baby, he only cries when hungry really, or when Athena squeezes him to hard and that’s just a yelp really! He’s definitely looking at us when we talk to him, and turns his head in the direction of our voices which is lovely!

Feeding: Still breastfeeding on demand.

Part of me really wants him to get more interactive (Athena would be happy with that too!) but part of me wants him to stay a tiddly baby forever! Lets see what the next month brings!


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6 thoughts on “#WhatmyKidDid and Arlo at 3 months

  1. Wow he has grown so much! Reading other people’s updates makes me realise just how teeny tiny Aria is.
    He seems to be doing so well and I know exactly what you mean about wanting them to do more but also wanting them to stay as they are, I feel exactly the same!

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