March seemed like such a slow month, probably because we were patiently (ish) waiting for a new baby and I did everything at half-pace because I couldn’t do it any faster! I had finished work at the end of February so didn’t have to do any commuting to and from which was nice seeing as I was this big:

So, In March I…

Had lunch at Duck & Waffle in London with my Mum and Athena

Wrote about Things my toddler does that I wish she didn’t

Filmwise we watched: Kimmy (amusing but not amazing) Horrible Bosses Two (actually laugh out loud funny in places) Wildcard (not worth watching) & ’71 (definitely worth watching but I had more of an interest because ‘the troubles’ in NI greatly affected my family)

Did a blogpost about Cloth Nappy FAQs in preparation for the new arrival to be in cloth from birth, eek!

TV watched: unbreakable kimmy schmidt, persons of interest, criminal minds (all online) and then on ‘normal tv’ I’ve been keeping up with GoggleBox, started watching Poldark and also Banished, which is pretty entertaining, both on BBC.

Wrote a little post about what I am looking forward to this year

Got a lovely new Silver Cross Pioneer pram for bump, it’s purple!

Read: This month I read books 2 and 3 in the Jodi Taylor ‘Chronicles of St Marys’ series, which are SO good! Not my normal read as it involves history and time travel but it just works! I also read We are all made of Glue by Marina Lewycka which was a quick-ish read but not as good as her other books in my opinion. I shot through ’48 hours’ by J.Jackson Bentley (terribly edited but a good premise) and then a couple of days ago I finished ‘All the light we cannot see’ which I gave 5 stars to on Goodreads (a rarity) but I absolutely loved it, couldn’t put it down and wish it was 4 times longer! I am pleased that I’m four books ahead of my self imposed count for the year too, although it’s only 30 this year (it was 50 last year but I think I’ll have my hands full going forward!)

Eaten a fair amount of chocolate.

Wrote a piece for about Storytime Magazine for their website.

Did LOTS of nesting, batch cooking/freezing and and a fair amount of napping too!

Then to top it all off I had a baby on the last day of the month!

Here’s Arlo:

So, that was my March… how was yours?

I’ve still got a few competitions on the go too, 3 pairs of Foodies Festival tickets, 3 sets of Pregnancy Pillows and a gorgeous baby footprint kit!

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